Amber Glenn competes on the ice at the World Championships. She is only the second American woman to land a triple axel there. | Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Amber Glenn did something at the Figure Skating World Championships that only one American woman had done before her. That person happens to be Tonya Harding.

Glenn landed a triple axel in one of her two programs at the 2024 Figure Skating World Championships. The only American to do that before her was Harding.

Glenn, the 2024 U.S. female singles figure skating champion, finished 10th at the World Championships.

Given Glenn identifies as bisexual, it was also the highest finish we know for an out LGBTQ athlete at the World Championships.

Glenn seemed disappointed with her final standing, saying on X that she has the physical ability to finish higher.

“I know I physically have everything it takes to be at the top,” she wrote on X. “And I’m going to spend this off season digging deep doing everything I can to get to that point mentally as well.’

Glenn has a great shot at the Winter Olympics in two years. She just needs to keep executing. And that triple axel doesn’t hurt either.

Glenn has come out as bisexual, the very rare international female figure skater to come out publicly.

Since then, she has not been shy about being out.

You can follow Amber Glenn on X and on Instagram.

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