The Danville Dairy Daddies clearly wanted to generate some buzz when they hired a leather daddy as their mascot. | Danville Dairy Daddies

The Danville Dairy Daddies very well may be the gayest nickname and mascot in sports history.

And that’s saying something.

The new summer college baseball team in Danville, Va., has gotten plenty of attention over the last week as the internet became aware of not just their name, but also their Dreamy mascot.

While much of the mainstream sports media are fawning over his built “sexy” appeal. They are having fun with some “creamy” wordsmithing, the new mascot – McCreamy. The mascot certainly seems like he’s ready for a night out at the Black Party

The Dairy Daddies are actually the second summer baseball team in Danville, joining the Otterbots, which themselves have a name connection to the gays and our beloved hairy, lean otters. They, as it turns out, can often be found at the Black Party as well.

And selling shirts that say “Get Milked”… You really have to wonder if it was a gay circuit boy behind the new branding.

On social media, they’re even using a #GetMilked hashtag, counting down some of the MLB players whose names they’ve turned bovine.

The Dairy Daddies’ mascot’s name – McCreamy – is an obvious reference to Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy character in “Grey’s Anatomy.” He also certainly had his gay fans.

Summer baseball is a long tradition of amateur baseball when college baseball players scatter across the country for their offseason. They’re used by professional teams to scout prospects.

Other sports teams with ‘gay’ mascots

The NFL has given us some dandies over the years, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Bucco Bruce still the all-timer. There’s also New England’s Pat Patriot who was always ready for action.

The Tulsa Drillers – a Minor League Baseball team in Oklahoma – have also given us a couple “suggestive” logos, trying to move on from the spewing oil rig and landing on something that might have even been more risque.

College basketball gives us some lumberjacks, beefy Spartans and even a dancing Tree that has in the past 

Yet none of them quite matches up to the leather-daddy McCreamy mascot of the Danville Dairy Daddies.

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