"Out in the Ring" is available April 1.

“Out In The Ring,” the documentary chronicling the history of LGBTQ figures within pro wrestling, is receiving a physical release.

The film was released on BluRay in North America via boutique film label ETR Media and is available for purchase on genre/rare film retailer Vinegar Syndrome starting April 1. To celebrate the film’s release, 1,000 copies with a limited edition slipcover will be available alongside the standard BluRay.

“Out In The Ring” delves into the experiences and stories of queer people in pro wrestling dating back 80 years, from modern tastemakers Parrow, EFFY, Billy Dixon and Dark Sheik to groundbreakers of the past such as Susan “Tex” Green, Chris Colt, Pat Patterson and Sandy Parker.

“People in the know about wrestling know about this movement, these people and these stories. But what they don’t know is the history that goes back to the 1940s,” “Out In The Ring” director/producer Ry Levey told Outsports in 2020. “This is the right time to tell this story and expose the rest of the world to these amazing talents and these amazing stories and the risks still to this day that these performers are taking.”

The film won multiple awards during its festival run, including Best Canadian Feature at Inside Out Toronto 2022, before landing on streaming service Fuse+ last year.