Cole Beasley, formerly a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, doesn't like fingernail polish. Or cats or dogs. | Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Cole Beasley, an NFL wide receiver, was the latest to weigh in on the Caleb Williams fingernail debate. And he wasn’t mincing words.

The current free agent said he’s “not with the dudes painting their nails movement.” As though people are organizing some march on Washington to demand fingernail-painting rights.

Williams, the presumptive first pick in this year’s NFL Draft, sometimes paints his fingernails. He was seen with – gulp – pink nail polish at a recent Women’s NCAA Tournament game. Some have lashed out. Others, like NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt, have responded with an eviscerating roll of the eyes.

When a fan said people were “disappointed someone they like as a player judges others for something that doesn’t seem worth judging,” Beasley doubled down.

“Yo it’d be different if we weren’t living in a world that is trying to make it ok for a boy to just be a girl all the sudden,” Beasley wrote. Williams is not trying to tell any boy he’s a girl.

Then Beasley repeated the debunked nonsense about some cabal trying to turn children into animals.

“Or a cat or a dog. In a world where they are trying to normalize pedophilia. Handing out awards for courage for pretending to be something you’re not. I’m trying to raise kids in a world that is getting more confusing every day.”

It’s an odd take, particularly for a guy who wears his hair in a ponytail.

The cat-and-dog claim is the same nonsense we heard from NBC’s NFL commentator and former coach Tony Dungy last year. At the time, Dungy claimed schools were installing giant litter boxes for kids who thought they were cats.

Also, Beasley’s claim about normalizing pedophilia is false. While tiny fringe groups do push this, there is absolutely zero mainstream traction for it. Pedophilia is illegal and will remain illegal.

Beasley is likely glomming onto the false claim that drag queens promote pedophilia because they read books to kids. A man dressed in drag reading Dr. Seuss to kids is not pedophilia. It’s disgusting that an NFL player would promote this insanity.

He had previously started a conversation about nail polish on X that generated a bunch of comments. So the conversation isn’t new for him. The claims about turning kids into cats, and the widespread promotion of pedophilia, certainly take it to a new level.

Beasley seems to still be looking for a team for the 2024 season. It’s probably safe to assume that whoever drafts Williams won’t be signing Beasley any time soon.