Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker needs a new clothing consultant, a popular menswear writer says. | Cheryl Evans-USA TODAY Sports

People can’t stop talking about Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker after his retrograde college commencement speech where he insulted LGBTQ people (among others) and said a women’s place is in the home.

This has caused a closer look at all things Butker and that includes his wardrobe. Butker got what either could be a badge of honor or one of shame after his wardrobe choices were reviewed on X by Derek Guy, the Canadian menswear writer whose online reviews go viral for their honesty and specificity.

On Saturday he did a long thread on Butker’s wardrobe that has been viewed 9.3 million times and liked 27,000 times. It’s a generally harsh review, with some positives thrown in, and like all his reviews, scrupulously fair.

“People keep asking me to comment on Harrison Butker’s clothes, as he seems to be a clotheshorse,” Guy begins the multipart thread. “Some note that his clothes look ‘off.’ In almost every instance, it’s because his clothes are too small. I will demonstrate.”

Using multiple images of Butker in suits, Guy picks each apart. He critiques what he calls “poor styling decisions,” the use of bad fabrics and a tendency to wear clothes that are too small to best flatter his body.

“When you shrink a tailored outfit, you narrow the shoulders, shorten the jacket, raise the buttoning point, reduce the waist suppression, and emphasize the hips by heavily tapering the trousers. You end up looking like a bell,” he writes, helpfully including a photo of a bell to make his point.

Guy concludes his sartorial study by telling Butker to listen to the experts.

“Harrison’s outfits would be improved if he stuck to more traditional cuts and conservative fabrics. If he wants to venture further, he should choose a skilled tailor with good taste and not open his mouth. The less he inserts himself in the process, the better.”

This is not the first Chiefs player Guy has critiqued. Asked to describe the outfit worn by tight end (and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) Travis Kelce at the Kentucky Derby, he wrote: “He looks like he’s about to fight roger rabbit.” The post has 99,000 likes.

About the only shot Guy took at Butker’s commencement comments was his “not open his mouth” jibe about listening to a tailor. Butker has probably shrugged off the negative publicity over his remarks as liberal whining, but I bet a legit critique of his fashion sense will hit home.