Dan Jervis, here out for an open-water swim, is thrilled to be out as a gay man at the upcoming Olympics. | Dan Jervis, Instagram

Name: Dan Jervis
Country: Great Britain
Sport: Swimming, 1500-meter freestyle
Previous Olympic experience: Tokyo 2021
Social MediaInstagram

Who is Dan Jervis

When Dan Jervis came out publicly in 2022, he wanted to be a visible out gay athlete, to help others struggling with who they are.

“I’ve got years ahead of me in the sports and it’s a sport I love,” he told the BBC at the time, “and I want to be me when i’m doing it.”

He’s gotten his wish.

The same week he came out publicly, he finished seventh at the World Aquatics Championships.

In 2024, the swimmer from Wales won his sixth consecutive title at the Aquatics GB Swimming Championships, securing his spot on Team GB at the Paris Summer Olympics.

“If I’m honest, this right now is probably the best moment of my swimming career,” he said after qualifying for Paris. “I’m very fortunate, I’ve got an amazing support network – I’ve got my family, my friends, I’ve got my partner here. What a moment. I’m just so happy.”

Dan Jervis at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Jervis will compete in one event, the 1500-meter freestyle. Swimming runs through the first week of the Olympics, and the men’s 1500-meter final is one of the very last swimming events, held on Sunday, Aug. 4.

Jervis has had international success in the event, including a fifth-place finish at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

He won bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, and a silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He withdrew from competition during the 2022 Commonwealth Games. All told, he’s won 12 national and international gold medals.