Mark Turnipseed said triathlon helped him accept himself as a gay man. Now... he's straight. | Courtesy Mark Turnipseed

Mark Turnipseed, who has for years sought attention as a gay fitness star on social media, now says Jesus has made him not gay. Or straight. Or… well, you be the judge.

He originally came out as a gay athlete on Outsports.

Turnipseed released an unhinged video claiming gay men have “daddy issues” and other needs for attention from men.

He said he is reaching out to other men who are “wallowing in the sin of homosexuality,” in hopes of helping them also be straight.

Mmmmmm… yeah, that’s not a thing.

“I don’t think being gay is taking someone to hell,” Turnipseed wrote, “any more than overeating.”

You can see Turnipseed’s unhinged Instagram video for yourself:

Turnipseed said he didn’t turn to the church to be un-gay, he simply found his truth in… suddenly being un-gay.

“I wasn’t purposefully going to the church to try to pray the gay away or anything,” he said in his homophobic video. “But I’ll tell you, I was somehow lifted out of the trauma.”

Oh yes, I’m having such trauma. The trauma of being loved by another person, having the time of my life, and having the most beautiful, wonderful sex of my life.

Such trauma.

He also talks nonsense about men feeling joy from the love of a heavenly father.

I sought the love of a heavenly father for years. I also have the fatherly love of my dad. My love for my husband, Dan, has nothing to do with some nonsense “heavenly father” love that Turnipseed is now trying to push on other gay men.

This may be simply the latest attempt for attention by someone who clearly needs it. Either way, it’s incredibly destructive to put out this narrative that being gay can simply be changed by some god that doesn’t exist.

We at Outsports feel sorry for Turnipseed. There are some clear psychological issues going on there, given that being gay is not an issue or based on “trauma.”

We hope Turnipseed finds the help he needs.