"Dirty Bulk" Bronson | ROH

What better time than Pride month for one of All Elite Wrestling’s favorite denizens of Titty City to live his truth open and free.

AEW and Ring of Honor star “Dirty Bulk” Bronson came out publicly as bisexual via social media Sunday night, adding to the two sibling company’s count of out LGBTQ talent. Bronson made the announcement via the popular “Me & my flag” style posts that have become a staple of social media during Pride month in recent years.

The announcement, complete with the bisexual Pride flag, garnered praise from peers and fans alike. Bronson offered thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response and stated that he decided to publicly share that part of his identity for the first time because he “felt like doing something for me today.”

Bronson currently wrestles for both AEW and ROH as part of the Iron Savages stable with longtime tag partner Boulder and Jacked Jameson. He and Boulder made their AEW debut in December 2020 after teaming together under the name Bear Country across the Northeast independent wrestling scene in notable promotions including Beyond Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling. The duo were officially signed to the company in May 2021.

Preaching the power of beefiness all along the way, Bronson helped the team establish their over-the-top gym bro personalities on AEW and ROH programming while he and Boulder found championship success on the independents. The team logged lengthy reigns as tag team champs in WrestlePro and Chaotic Wrestling.

Bronson is engaged to fellow out pro wrestler and current Create-A-Pro Women’s champion Gabby Forza.

Outsports congratulates Bronson on his coming out and for continuing to show that Courage is Contagious.