Robbie Manson has been very publicly out as a gay athlete for years. | Instagram

Robbie Manson will be back at the Olympics.

The rower for New Zealand has now been officially named to the New Zealand team for the Paris Summer Olympics.

While Manson had earned a spot for New Zealand in the Paris Summer Olympics, he and teammate Jordan Parry hadn’t been named to said spot. It’s a complicated structure that involves both a qualification and selection system.

Now, Robbie Manson has shared he’s officially named and will be competing in Paris.

It’s been a long road for Manson.

You have to remember, the Summer Olympics are every four years. That’s a long time between events. And for people who compete in “Olympic” sports like swimming, track and field, judo, and yes, rowing, the time between the events can be tough.

These athletes have rent, health insurance, car payments, food.

Being an Olympic athlete is not generally a cash cow. Athletes like Manson have to figure out how to live when most of the world is not watching their sport.

And then along comes the Olympics.

Good on Manson for finding other ways to pay for his training and everything else. The smoking-hot Olympian has turned to OnlyFans as one revenue generator.

Good for him!

He has an Olympic body, he might as well cash in on it.

Manson earned a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2015. Can he win a medal in Paris?

It’s so hard for Outsports to say. At the Olympics, it’s all about how athletes compete on one given day.

Regardless of his “chances,” we’ll be cheering for Manson in Paris.