Brendan McFatridge is a valedictorian who is also a gay athlete. | Photo courtesy of Brendan McFatridge

Brendan McFatridge is a good athlete. He’s also pretty smart, as the valedictorian of his high school class. He was recently the recipient of a “changemaker” award.

If that weren’t enough, he has wisdom beyond his age.

Is this kid too good to be true?

The gay athlete and high school valedictorian gave a graduation speech recently, referencing St. Augustine… as well as his 70-year-old grandmother.

Good luck matching that!

The exuberant applause Brendan McFatridge received as he took the stage were inspiring. Even if he was with his class for just four years, it’s obvious he won them over.

McFatridge is a gay athlete who has been out and proud about who he is in hockey.

“Perfect is boring,” he told his fellow graduates. I personally remember trying to be perfect. “Perfect” at the time, for me as a devout Christian, meant not being gay. As someone who tried to be “perfect” in his first 20 years, I can definitively say 31 years after, that “perfect” isn’t nearly as fun or exciting as “imperfect.”

McFatridge also hit on themes of missed expectations, as well as embracing hardships.

The young man is putting his competitive hockey career behind him as he will be pre-med at the University of Alberta, where he got early acceptance last year.

McFatridge also plays roulette.

You can follow him on Instagram.