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Carl Nassib again supports The Trevor Project with My Cause My Cleats

Carl Nassib is the only athlete in the NFL to select an LGBT cause for his cleats this year.

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Stanford marching band trolled BYU with same-sex wedding sketch at halftime

The Stanford band staged a same-sex wedding with Mormon scriptural language as BYU fans booed.

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Lamar Jackson apologized for his tweet, but not to gay men or the homophobia behind it

Lamar Jackson answered questions about his vulgar tweet, though no one asked about its roots in homophobia.

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Gay volleyball player, coach finds confidence in himself and renewed love of the sport

‘Being my authentic self with my team and coaches helped me become the person I am today,’ Dustin Stueck writes.

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LGBT-inclusive countries did better in World Cup Groups than ‘the Group of Death to Gays’ by every measure

More wins. More goals. Across the board, pro-gay countries at the World Cup did better than anti-gay nations.

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FIFA investigating Mexico anti-gay chant before team was booted from the World Cup

Mexico gave up the eliminating goal just seconds after their fans chanted the gay slur yet again. FIFA is now investigating.

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The Latest

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges: ‘I’m still here’

A new documentary looks at Bridges’ fight for her right to race in the female category as British Cycling ponders new policy.

NFL player supports FCA with his cleats, says he had no idea the group is anti-gay

LA Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom said he met his wife through Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wanted to give back.

This out gay dancer is making history with the Celtics

Patrick Opran performs as his authentic self every night at Boston’s TD Garden, in front of thousands of raucous Celtics fans.

This gay British sports minister stood up to Qatar and FIFA and wore rainbows at the World Cup

Great Britain’s Stuart Andrew showed his Pride with a rainbow necktie and One Love armband while watching England vs. Wales.

Out MMA fighter Larissa Pacheco wins PFL Lightweight championship in stunning upset

Pacheco defeated previously unbeaten and two-time PFL Lightweight champion Kayla Harrison by unanimous decision.

Here are 7 upcoming world championships and world cups in countries where it’s illegal to be gay

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has drawn attention for anti-LGBT laws. More championships like this are coming.

Lamar Jackson’s tweet utilized homophobia. His tone-deaf defense has given license to others

Lamar Jackson could do good by listening to gay men about his comment. Will the NFL star listen?

Lamar Jackson deletes tweet where he used gay slur against a fan

Baltimore Ravens quarterback was angry at the fan’s criticism following loss to Jacksonville.

Gay pro wrestler Jai Vidal signs multi-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling

Jai Vidal becomes the first out gay male wrestler to sign with IMPACT in the company’s 20-year history.

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Coming Out Stories

Jerry Jones says a closeted ex-NFL player told him to publicly support Michael Sam

According to Jones, the former player said the Cowboys drafting Jones would play a big role in ending homophobia around the NFL.

USMNT uses rainbow logo at World Cup as big middle finger to FIFA and Qatar

The USMNT uses a rainbow logo at all team-managed facilities as a symbol of inclusion for the world to see.

Iran asks FIFA to remove the USA from the World Cup because they’re offended

Iran murders men for being gay and kills women who step out of line. The USA vs. Iran match is a clash of cultures.

This gay Qatari started an LGBTQ soccer fan group to expose abuse in his home country

With the World Cup underway, Dr, Nasser Mohamed wants to use soccer as a way to elevate the silent voices of LGBTQ Qataris.

This non-binary and asexual sportswriter sees the power in sharing her story

At Sports Illustrated, Julie Kliegman’s coverage goes far beyond the X’s and O’s.

Nick Saban would treat gay player with respect

The Alabama coach would not expect any issues if a player came out

Germany and world leaders ‘screw FIFA’ with Pride rainbow at World Cup amidst outcry

Defiant against FIFA and Qatar, German players and other dignitaries show support for inclusion and the LGBTQ community.

Pro wrestling honors victims, shows determination in the wake of Club Q shooting

‘You are so f’ing important, and you make folks like me feel important too.’

Openly gay sport climber Campbell Harrison wins two titles at Australian championships

‘Queerness is not a deficit ... it’s an asset that both sets me apart from the crowd and connects me to so many others,’ Harrison says.

The crush of Colorado Springs and the inevitability of LGBT acceptance in America

Try as some might, homophobes have lost the ‘culture war.’ And we will keep fighting every battle.

FIFA to Belgium: Remove ‘LOVE’ from World Cup jersey or be punished

FIFA claims edict due to commercial links with prominent music festival.

Qatar doesn’t hate rainbow colors, it hates gay people

The decision to harass journalists and fans wearing rainbow-themed attire shows the nation’s contempt for LGBTQ people.

World Cup teams won’t wear OneLove armband after FIFA threatens captains with yellow cards

Profiles in Cowardice.

What if World Cup officials spoke about the alcohol ban like they do about LGBTQ fans?

The sale of alcohol is prohibited at all World Cup venues. Here’s what it would look like if FIFA and Qatar offered drinkers the same lame soundbytes they’ve given our community.

Game Changer Wrestling punishes wrestler Chris Hamrick for on-mic homophobic slur

Hamrick directed a homophobic slur at a fan while cutting a pre-match promo at Sunday’s GCW "Aura" event, the same day as the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Denver Broncos hold moment of silence, pro sports teams express LGBT support, after Colorado Springs shooting

5 professional teams in Colorado shared their logo in Pride rainbow colors, expressing condolences.

Trans Day of Remembrance 2022: Rage against indifference

Anti-trans media and legislative onslaughts have grown, yet it seems transgender Americans are left to fight alone.

Isaac Humphries gets worldwide support after coming out, leads team in rebounds in first game

Isaac Humphries, who played in Kentucky and NBA, came out and then competed in Australia like any other athlete.

Trailblazing trans boxer Patricio Manuel is getting ready to return to the ring

Manuel, whose famous gloves will be part of a new project on transgender history, is preparing to fight again.

There are 0 out gay players at the men’s World Cup. There were 40 women in 2019

Multiple reasons, from coaches to the location of the World Cup itself, are possible explanations for the disparity.

Here are the 6 gay men who have been out publicly while competing in pro basketball

These gay athletes have broken through the noise to find they can be accepted as gay athletes in basketball.

The Outsports gay-friendly World Cup rankings of all 32 teams

Want to know who to root for in the World Cup? We look at rights and threats to LGBTQ people in all 32 countries to give you a guide.