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This gay athlete’s poem to Greg Louganis for World AIDS Day beautifully captures the legend and his contributions

His legacy, a beacon shining bright.’ Louganis has been an inspiration for gay athletes and people living with HIV for decades.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosts art installation about soccer’s homoeroticism

JJ Guest’s The Other Team blurs the lines between the sports world and the gay community with artwork featuring a glory hole and players kissing on the pitch.

LGBT Sports history: Those nude portraits of Bobby Orr

In 2007, an artist unveiled two paintings of Boston Bruins hockey legend Bobby Orr, not wearing his uniform. Or anything.

Special photo exhibition this weekend features the New York Front Runners

LGBT athletes on display in SoHo this weekend.

Principal bans "I'm Gay" football player artwork

Students at an Australian high school rebel over the ban and get an apology.

Warhol Polaroids feature '80s athletes