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athletes behaving badly

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'It's time Margaret Court exercised her right to remain silent'

Ol' Maggie's 'freedom of speech' includes some of the most vile homophobic/transphobic language we've heard from a sporting legend, past or present

UFC fighters drop homophobic slurs in hotel confrontation

After their fight ended prematurely, Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodríguez exchanged F-bombs outside the ring.

Former UFC champ Andrei Arlovski apologizes for post-match slur

Andre Arlovski says he is "deeply sorry" for homophobic language after his hard-fought win.

Giants say Panthers called Beckham Jr. gay slurs

The New York Giants say that their star wide receiver was called homophobic slurs by the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, according to Jason LaConfora.

A list of 14 athletes who have made anti-gay tweets in the past year

Shaun Smith likes grabbing guys' genitals

First and 15

Aussie Rules sucker punch