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Bisexual athlete Jordan Rand shares her advice for coming out

Rand quietly came out publicly using Instagram and some rainbows.

Pro figure skater Colin Grafton says ‘I’m gay’ publicly for the first time

From Team USA to Dancing On Ice, Grafton has had a full career. Now he’s sharing his pride in who he is.

Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe said he was 16 the first time a reporter asked if he were gay

A decade after coming out, Thorpe opens up about his struggles and what it is to be a gay elite athlete.

Sue Bird was told to not come out in the WNBA. Imagine what gay NBA players are being told.

Bird opened up about her early days in the WNBA and having people tell her "success" would only come if she pretended to be straight.

Group of gay players in men’s pro soccer will come out, says former footballer Marcus Urban

Urban, once a youth international, is leading an LGBTQ initiative called "Sports Free" which he claims is being supported by Borussia Dortmund and other elite football clubs.

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Gay volleyball player creates his own path from a rural upbringing to a college career

Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, Connor Syverson had a tumultuous coming out experience. Fortunately, one of his found families was on the volleyball court.

Why it’s important for gay athletes to tell their stories

An encounter with the boyfriend of a gay athlete shows the power of LGBTQ people in sports being visible.

Nick Albiero, 28-time All-American swimmer, is gay OIympic hopeful

Albiero has been on the US Swimming National Team. He is now talking more about being a gay athlete representing the USA.

Minor League Baseball player Anderson Comas comes out as gay with support from White Sox

Anderson Comas came out to the White Sox last year and has widespread support across the organization.

Pro soccer player Jakub Jankto comes out as gay

Jankto plays for the Czech national team and professionally in Spain in La Liga.

Howard Bragman, publicist for gay athletes and Hollywood stars, has died. He leaves a powerful legacy.

Howard Bragman helped people come out, live their truth, and was a dear friend and confidant for many.

Campbell Johnstone comes out as gay, former All Blacks rugby player has global reach

Johnstone is the first former All Blacks player to come out, and his story has reached around the world.

Former MLB pitcher TJ House celebrates Respect for Marriage Act with coming out Facebook post

House is the 3rd MLB player to come out publicly. He was invited to the White House for the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act.

Former Kentucky Wildcat, pro basketball player Isaac Humphries comes out as gay

Isaac Humphries also played 5 games for the Atlanta Hawks in 2019. He’s the latest pro athlete to come out as gay.

Olympic skier Breezy Johnson comes out as bisexual

‘I am here to represent that we are out there, we are normal, and we can do whatever we want.’

Byron Perkins, D1 Hampton University football player, comes out as gay

‘I’m gay,’ Perkins said. ‘This is who I am, this is who I’ve been, and this is who I’m going to be.’

There are various personal reasons more gay male pro athletes have not come out. Here are 7 of them

Coming out is a personal choice. And everyone has different family and career experiences to navigate.

Nadia Podoroska comes out, dating fellow WTA player Guillermina Naya

The women’s tennis circuit officially adds another power couple in the off-court duo from Argentina.

Pro handball player Lucas Krzikalla: ‘I’m gay and I’m very happy’

The 12-year Bundesliga veteran is the league’s first out gay player, and the first active male player in a pro team sport in Germany to come out.

Scottish pro soccer player Zander Murray comes out as gay

Zander Murray says the great time he had going to a Pride event this year convinced him to come out as openly gay.

Champion runner Nico Young comes out as gay

Now at Northern Arizona, Nico Young says he’s always known he is gay, but had struggled with it until now.

This Olympic champ just came out as trans shortly after his athletic career was over

Ellia Green won Olympic gold in rugby and is now sharing his story in connection with the Bingham Cup.

Minor League Baseball player Solomon Bates says he is gay, has been out to teammates since 2019

Bates had been in the San Francisco Giants Minor League system until he was released this week.

Olympic swimmer Dan Jervis comes out weeks ahead of the Commonwealth Games

Dan Jervis chose to come out just a month before one of his biggest races of the year.

Top Phoenix Suns basketball exec Ryan Resch comes out as gay

‘Ultimately my goal is to normalize for people in and out of the league the existence of gay men and women on the basketball side," Ryan Resch says.

Gay pro rugby player Nick McCarthy comes out in Ireland to widespread acceptance

McCarthy said his teammates have rallied around him since coming out to them in January.

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It's Pride, time to take LGBT playground inventory

Almost a quarter into the 21st Century, few men are in out in pro sports while the women are marrying each other.

Pro soccer player Jake Daniels comes out as gay

Daniels says he has gotten huge support from his club and teammates.

Pro Wrestler Zeb Saint comes out publicly as LGBTQ, doesn’t define how he identifies

‘I’ve found myself attracted to men and wanna live that truth,’ Saint said in a ‘coming out post’ on Twitter.

Why we’ll never have a ‘gay Jackie Robinson’

No. 42 was a special man at a special time in history.

Olympic rugby player Nicole Heavirland comes out as gay, was hoping to be outed

Nicole Heavirland has received love and support since coming out. She is already inspiring others in her sport.

Lewis Gibson talks for the first time about being gay and married, on eve of the Olympics

Lewis Gibson and ice dancing partner Lilah Fear will represent Team Great Britain at the Beijing Olympics.