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Being Out

An out college football player who wore Pride on his helmet

Being Out: Jack Storrs and his teammates sent a powerful of symbol of support with their Pride decals, as he reflects on being an out athlete.

For gay college athlete, law school is his next big challenge

Being Out: Christopher Malpartida made a difference after writing his coming out story, and he hopes to make a larger impact on society.

Only out athlete at BYU found out she wasn’t alone after all

Emma Gee was floored by the thousands of people, ‘straight and LGBTQ+, religious and secular, who want the world to be more inclusive.’

Runner, raised Jehovah’s Witness, found path to coming out rewarding

David Gilbert made a brave decision to come out while raised Jehovah’s Witness and has never looked back.

Gay high school lacrosse player found strength from pro player’s allyship

Antonio Corral came out as gay while playing high school lacrosse and said a pro player’s support for LGBTQ athletes meant a lot.

Gay baseball player remembers his coach who died from COVID-19 at age 30

Being Out: Michael Holland remembers his former coach as someone ‘who cared about me and what I wanted to do outside of baseball.’

Being Out: Erik Braverman is driving force behind Dodgers’ ultra-successful Pride night

Gay Dodgers vice president Erik Braverman has made team’s Pride night special.

Being Out: He came out as gay at 15 and Galen Dodd now thrives as a volleyball coach

Galen Dodd has forged his path in volleyball as an out coach, all before turning 24.

Being Out: Haley Videckis uses LGBTQ+ activism to fight injustice

After losing a court case, out basketball player Haley Videckis became determined to fight injustice.

Depression a constant presence for many closeted LGBTQ athletes

A gay swimmer on her struggles with depression and how it relates to being LGBTQ in sports.

Army vet and rugby player Chris Kelley finds niche as a gay athlete

Chris Kelley is an Ohio State Buckeye through and through and thrives being an out rugby player.

Being Out: Trans runner Isaac Grivett gears up for New York City Marathon

Isaac Grivett is passionate about running and about being an advocate for trans athletes.

Gay former soccer goalkeeper is running for office in West Virginia

Five years after a viral Outsports coming out story, Michael Martin tells us he’s trying to make a difference in his community.

Being Out: Wyatt Pertuset, history-making gay college football player, continues to inspire

Wyatt Pertuset, an openly gay college football player, is a role model for LGBTQ athletes.

Being Out: From football to the Army, Christian Mays seeks out challenges

Christian Mays has carried his determination and drive into a career in the Army.

Being Out: Nathan Matthews is a volleyball coach and player who never slows down

Nathan Matthews has thrived as a coach, player and student since coming out as gay. And he met his boyfriend on the team.

Being Out: Kaitlyn Long forged her own path as a bisexual track and field athlete

Kaitlyn Long left the University of Minnesota as a champion on the field and an advocate off it.

Being Out: Elite gay runner David Melly proud of his ‘weirdness’

David Melly embraces differences as he races an an elite runner.

Being Out: Trans basketball coach Layne Ingram embraces his public profile

Layne Ingram could not come out quietly as a trans man after the success he had as a high school and college basketball player.

Being Out: Gay college wrestler Justice Horn wants to be Missouri’s governor one day

The gay former college wrestler is now politically active with his sights set on big things.

Being Out: Gay swim coach David Thibodeau provides a safe space in the pool

David Thibodeau is using his position as a swim coach who is openly gay to effect change.

Being Out: Gay college runner Matthew Kravitz shines on the track and in the lab

Matthew Kravitz has made a difference as an out athlete and plans a career in public health.

Being Out: Gay runner Susie Poore inspires other athletes to live authentically

Susie Poore, a runner at Lehigh University, has found freedom after coming out

Being Out: Amy Werdine convinced Vikings to reach out to their LGBTQ fans

The Minnesota Vikings bought a booth at the area’s Pride festival thanks to an openly gay front office employee, Amy Werdine.

Being Out: Trans athlete Athena Del Rosario hopes to be an Olympian

Athena Del Rosario wants to be a trailblazer if beach handball becomes an Olympic sport. As a trans athletes, she is already a pioneer.

Being Out: Gay softball coach Kirk Walker a beacon for those wanting to come out in sports

UCLA’s Kirk Walker had his own coming out as a gay man in sports. He knows the power of visibility.

Being Out: Baseball umpire Dale Scott loves retirement with husband after 30-year career

MLB umpire Dale Scott came out publicly as gay in 2014 and realized the importance of visibility.

Being Out: Gay rugby player and activist Taylor Vanderlaan excited by his upcoming marriage

Taylor Vanderlaan says rugby saved him as a young gay man and talks about his upcoming marriage and his work making #MeToo an LGBTQ issue

Being Out: Gay tennis player Nick Lee stresses the need for visibility

Tennis player Nick Lee stresses the need for LGBTQ visibility in sports and tells why his twin sister so inspires him.

Being Out: Soccer star Joanna Lohman raises visibility of LGBTQ athletes

Gay soccer player Joanna Lohman is now retired, but her advocacy and passion for equality are stronger than ever.


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