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Out pro wrestler Toni Storm wins third AEW Women’s World title

Toni Storm defeated Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW’s ‘Full Gear’ pay-per-view event Saturday night.

33 out LGBTQ pro wrestlers honored in 2023 PWI Women’s 250

A record 33 out LGBTQ pro wrestlers made the cut on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s annual list honoring the top female wrestlers.

Sha’Carri Richardson sprints to World Championships upset in Budapest

Richardson’s late surge shocked Jamaica’s superstars and continues a comeback story with a world title at 100 meters.

Sha’Carri Richardson wins with a flourish at USA Track and Field Championships

Along with Nikki Hiltz’s win, Richardson’s 100 Meter victory makes the USATF Championships a special event for Team LGBTQ.

RK Russell’s new book highlighted by struggles, wild New York weekend

Russell’s telling of his life is raw, full of deep struggles and, as he grows into a man, self-discovery and triumphs.

Out figure skater Amber Glenn qualifies for World Championships with bronze at US Nationals

After a COVID spoiled her 2022 season, Glenn comes all the way back at the 2023 US Figure Skating Championships.

Bi Pride Day salute to Olympic volleyball champ Haleigh Washington

Haleigh has already earned her gold medal. It’s time she was given her flowers too.

Pro wrestler ‘Miami Ice’ Rolando Perez comes out as bisexual

The New South Pro Wrestling regular came out as bisexual in devilish fashion.

WWE pro wrestler Toni Storm comes out as bisexual

The former NXT UK Women’s champion is "bi and it feels good to say it."

Ryan Russell calls on athletes to fight trans bans: ‘Don’t let anyone use the games that we love for hate’

"To use sports to perpetuate hate is the exact opposite of what sports is all about," writes the former NFL player in a powerful op-ed.

We celebrated the historic achievements of girls and women in LGBTQ sports in March

Every day in March, Outsports marked Women’s History Month by highlighting the contributions of out female-identified LGBTQ athletes.

Out wrestler Joshua Wavra exits pro wrestling following accusations of racism and abuse

Wavra faces multiple accusations of using racist and racially charged language, bi-erasure and emotional abuse.

Trio of pro wrestling figures come out as LGBTQ

WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton and independent pro wrestlers Logan Black and Connolly came out as LGBTQ this week.

New documentary ‘Lioness’ highlights out bisexual boxing icon Nicola Adams

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and former WBO Female Flyweight champion will chronicle her life and rise in the new film.

WWE’s Tegan Nox shares how Captain Marvel empowered her to come out as bisexual with actress Brie Larson

Nox and Larson share an emotional moment on Nox’s journey to come back faster, stronger and shinier.

Bisexual/pansexual Team USA figure skater Amber Glenn wins silver

Sports Equality’s new weekly wrap-up video tells the stories of Amber Glenn, Timothy LeDuc, Ashley Cain, Kena Gilmour and Devin Ibanez.

A Letter To President Biden

A transgender American’s challenge to, and hopes for, the new administration in Washington, D.C.

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2021’s LGBTQ sports winners and losers

Once a week, every week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage.

LGBTQ athletes and coaches respond to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol

It was already going to be a historic day. It turned out to be one of infamy and tragedy as well.

Out wrestler Keita Murray crowned inaugural WAC Stallions champion

The Bisexual King quickly made his presence known in the Washington-based promotion.

Outsports Female Hero of the Year: Natasha Cloud

The WNBA champion opted out of the WNBA bubble, and made an indelible impact on athlete activism. Our other honoree is an out athlete who became a doctor.

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QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers 1-100

Here is the complete chronicle of the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2020.

Out wrestler Jordan Blade defines 2020 by family and pro wrestling firsts

The family that rolls together holds on forever.

QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers, 81 through 100

Let’s put a period on the QWI 100.

QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers, 61 through 80

The QWI 100 rounds the corner on day four with 20 more honorees.

QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers, 41 through 60

Day three of Outsports’ list of the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2020 is the perfect post-holiday pick-me-up.

QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers, 21 through 40

The QWI 100 rolls into day two.

QWI 100: The year’s best LGBTQ pro wrestlers, 1 through 20

Outsports’ chronicle of the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2020 starts here.

Bi surfer Tyler Wright adopts Pride jersey, triumphs in Maui Pro tourney

After coming out following a 14 month battle with illness, Wright dominates the surf representing the LGBTQ community.

How a new generation of bi athletes is pushing back against bi-erasure

A rising number of LGBTQ athletes is coming out as bisexual. These are their stories.

An out college football player who wore Pride on his helmet

Being Out: Jack Storrs and his teammates sent a powerful of symbol of support with their Pride decals, as he reflects on being an out athlete.

Coming out as bi+ carries its own set of obstacles, but they aren’t insurmountable

Bi+ wrestlers Russell Rogue, Keita Murray, Solo Darling and Jared Evans discuss issues facing bi+ people when coming out for National Coming Out Day.