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How this queer Vietnamese athlete went from homelessness to international advocate 

Amazin LêThi never wants another LGBTQ person to feel as alone as she did.

Meet 3 out HIV+ athletes: A bodybuilder, a triathlete and the world’s greatest diver

Read about the challenges and achievements of HIV+ Olympic legend Greg Louganis, International bodybuilder Raif Derrazi, who is living with AIDS and U.S.A.F. 1st Lt. Josh Hipps, a triathlete living with HIV.

Amazin LêThi tapped as an official judge for Formula E’s Open Talent Call

The Vietnamese bodybuilder, personal trainer, and LGBTQ activist will provide commentary for Formula E’s Open Talent Call.

This trans man is a champion bodybuilder and college freshman

Alex Tilinca won first place in the Teen Classic Physique competition this summer, beating even cisgender men.

Film ‘Man Made’ puts trans male bodybuilders in the spotlight

‘Man Made’ explores the transformative nature of bodybuilding for trans people.

9 LGBTQ sports documentaries that’ll leave you breathless

These LGBTQ sports documentaries range from body building and surfing to figuring skating and rodeo.

Genderqueer bodybuilder pushes the boundaries of gender identity

Siufung Law is a genderqueer bodybuilder from Hong Kong who is pushing boundaries.

Young transgender man has big plans as a bodybuilder

Transgender bodybuilder Ajay Holbrook is building the body he always wanted and has big plans in bodybuilding.

This gay 61-year-old bodybuilder has found a home in his straight gym

Total acceptance in the locker room for James Bourdeau.

Bodybuilding empowers trans man to love body, self

Mason Caminiti grew up hating his body. But bodybuilding "transformed my body in ways that I couldn’t fathom" and helped him realize his dreams.

World champion power lifter is trans

World champion powerlifter and elite bodybuilder "Kroc" Kroczaleski has transitioned to Janae Marie Kroc.

Photo gallery: Bodybuilding

Video: bodybuilder lives on 1,199 calories a day

Profile: Dustin Robertson, bodybuilding

Profile: Mark Ebinger, Bodybuilding

Drug testers show up, bodybuilders flee