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Catholic high school rehired a gay coach following outcry from students and parents

Benet Academy originally rescinded Amanda Kammes’ job offer when administrators learned she was gay.

Katie Sowers wins her first game back on NFL sideline, returns to coaching college

The trailblazing coach was working this summer as a coaching intern for the Chiefs.

Katie Sowers reflects on her chosen family as she returns home, wins a national title and coaches the Chiefs

Katie Sowers is her dad’s daughter, always coaching people to be their better selves and adding to her chosen family.

Texas football coach liked 57 anti-Pride tweets, likening gays to murderers, against god’s will

One tweet called Pride ‘Mental Disorder Month.’ School administrators have ignored requests to talk.

Kansas City Chiefs hire Katie Sowers for offseason coaching role

Katie Sowers, who is openly gay, will get a chance to coach this summer for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Doshia Woods is DU’s head coach, and being gay is just one of her intersections

Out lesbian Doshia Woods completed her first season as a head coach in NCAAW Division I.

Katie Sowers opens up about future plans: ‘I’m not saying my NFL days are over’

The groundbreaking coach says she’s still determined to be a head coach one day.

It’s Lesbian Visibility Day! Lez celebrate those in sports all week long

From April 26 through May 2, the world celebrates lesbians, and we’re shining a spotlight on the athletes, coaches and other sports folks who are women who love women

Trailblazer Stephen Alexander is living his best life ever since his ‘Transition Game’

Our "Out In The World" series catches up with the focus of our most-read stories. Stephen Alexander recalls his past and shares his dream for what lies ahead.

We celebrated the historic achievements of girls and women in LGBTQ sports in March

Every day in March, Outsports marked Women’s History Month by highlighting the contributions of out female-identified LGBTQ athletes.

Basketball coach Layne Ingram is our Coaching Triumph Award winner

The Triumph Awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor college basketball coach Layne Ingram, whose passion for basketball, trans rights and social justice make him a role model.

LGBTQ athletes launch TikTok campaign for Sports Equality

Sports Equality Foundation launched a TikTok account in partnership with Outsports to encourage LGBTQ athletes to be their true and authentic selves.

This gay college basketball coach became an overnight celebrity after coming out

Matt Lynch, who came out in a viral essay last April, says there’s a lot more joy in his life.

Gay coach Katie Sowers not returning to San Francisco 49ers next season

Sowers became the first out LGBTQ coach in NFL history in 2017.

LGBTQ athletes and coaches respond to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol

It was already going to be a historic day. It turned out to be one of infamy and tragedy as well.

After feeling selfish for coming out, this state-champion coach is finally free of guilt

Micah Porter came out in 2009, but it took him years to battle alcoholism and self-guilt.

Coach Doshia Woods and her wife share their love story; AEW signs 8-year-old son of Brodie Lee

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBTQ sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

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The Outsports Awards for 2020

Outsports named nine honorees in 2020, adding two new categories to recognize greater diversity and an inspiring moment.

Outsports Person of the Year: Katie Sowers

Sowers made her mark on NFL history while being an advocate and role model for LGBTQ people in sports.

Clemson Tigers celebrate out LGBTQ athletes and coaches in ‘My Story’ campaign

9 athletes and coaches come out publicly, supported by Clemson. ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this,’ says one.

English soccer manager has found widespread acceptance as a gay man in the sport

Luke Tuffs has been out and accepted his entire career. He’s also been incredibly successful in a short period of time.

Saluting America’s LGBTQ athlete veterans; World’s Strongest Gay; Where did all the lesbian bars go?

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

Here are the Election Day winners (of our 2 Twitter polls)

We asked Twitter followers to vote on their favorite stories of the year and their favorite coming out stories.

Helen Carroll’s still in the game for inclusion

The former sports director for NCLR looked back and looked forward in The Trans Sporter Room podcast.

This gay college basketball coach fell in love with her best friend, and now wants the world to know

Kelly McNiff originally bonded with her wife over basketball. Their relationship eventually grew to include everything else.

Coach Rick Schantz is returning to the pitch after defending homophobia. This time he wants to build inclusion

Schantz has spoken to people in the LGBTQ community. He now understands the impact of his mistakes.

This gay gymnastics coach and his team instantly embraced a transitioning teammate

Denis Vachon coaches gymnastics in Canada. His team of mostly male gymnasts instantly embraced a transitioning teammate.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Division 1 coach Kirk Walker comes out as gay

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

As a coach and teacher, Jarrin Williams is a rock in Rock Island

Jarrin Williams is out, proud and emerging as a leader in his school and in his hometown.

This stream has:

Out in the World: Looking back and forward with our out LGBTQ athletes of the past

In our newest series at Outsports, we’re diving deep into our archives to find athletes, coaches and other sports personnel to revisit their coming out stories and learn what they’re doing now.

Texas swim coach has championed inclusion at USA Swimming and across the sport

Mitch Dalton has found it hard to date and make gay friends traveling so much. He hopes to change that in Austin.

Gay WNBA coach Curt Miller opens up about bubble life: ‘It feels like Groundhog Day’

The Connecticut Sun head coach is back in the playoffs, and attempting to lead his team through the most challenging season in memory, all while trying to maintain sanity.


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