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Jonathan Romero is the only gay male cheerleader in Super Bowl LVIII, for the San Francisco 49ers

Romero is part of a fast-growing group of NFL male cheerleaders, many of them gay.

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Check out the 25 biggest LGBTQ sports stories in 2023 on Outsports

We chronicle our 25 most-read stories of the year, including some incredible highs and miserable lows.

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Nebraska’s only publicly out male athlete makes stand for visibility

Cornhuskers gymnast Samuel Phillips came out to his team as a freshman and has never looked back.

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Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Trans college water polo player and cheerleader living best life

Schuyler Newberger was determined to prove people wrong who said she could never play college sports as a trans person. She is now thriving at Iona University.

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Justin Rogers shares his story of being a gay man in the NHL, with the Seattle Kraken

Rogers is a trainer for the Kraken. He has been out on social media for years.

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Coming Out Stories

Outsports' list of coming out stories from LGBT people in sports.

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When this gay Syracuse rower came out to his team, he never expected the reaction he got

‘I had blinded myself out of fear of not being accepted into a community when the only person not accepting of me was myself,’ Mitchell Harjo writes.

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Two college baseball rivals have become boyfriends off the field

After meeting when their teams played each other, Cole Philpott and Aiden Phipps sparked an incredible baseball romance.

Gay dancer Rhys Balow has found his confidence on the Sacramento State dance team

Rhys Balow celebrates his personality every time he steps on the court or field for the Sacramento State Hornets.

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Gay athlete Bryden Hattie on diving, drag and the Deep South

Tennessee’s Bryden Hattie has impressed in the NCAA and won Diving World Cup gold with Team Canada. If he makes it to the Paris Olympics in 2024, he’ll be proud to represent.

Kennedy McDowell is an out gay player on the Colorado State Rams football team

McDowell has been out since 8th grade. He wanted to make sure he plays college football where all of him is welcome.

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Gay volleyball player creates his own path from a rural upbringing to a college career

Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, Connor Syverson had a tumultuous coming out experience. Fortunately, one of his found families was on the volleyball court.

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NFL coach Kevin Maxen comes out, the first in men’s major sports

Maxen is coming out to live openly with his boyfriend and inspire others to be their true selves.

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Married with kids and blissful — out college volleyball coach describes her journey

‘I try to educate others in sexual identity and provide a safe space to all players on my court,’ Dani Aquino writes.

Why this gay pro athlete thinks coming out is so important

‘To be open, out, and proud is how we pave the way for a new generation of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion,’ sport climber Campbell Harrison says.

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For gay runner, his teammates loving his nail polish showed him bond they created

Daniel Vaca thrives at Loyola Marymount University as his authentic self. "No longer were running and queerness mutually exclusive for me," he says.

This college hockey player came out publicly, in response to NHL players refusing to wear Pride jerseys

Carson Gates says he came out to show that queer people belong in hockey.

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From ‘American Idol’ to pro pickleball: A gay athlete’s journey

Zack Taylor is climbing the ranks of the pro pickleball circuit thanks to confidence he gained auditioning for ‘American Idol.’

This gay college volleyball star has found love and happiness at Louisville

Aiko Jones thought she would never be able to come out. She’s glad to say she was wrong.

New Zealand soccer goalie shares heartfelt coming-out post after team’s first-ever Pride round

Brianna Edwards celebrated Pride with a personal post on living authentically in women’s soccer.

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Gay volleyball player, coach finds confidence in himself and renewed love of the sport

‘Being my authentic self with my team and coaches helped me become the person I am today,’ Dustin Stueck writes.

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Gay college basketball player wants to inspire others to come out

‘I want to shift the conversation away from being the one gay basketball kid,’ Joe Morrell writes. ‘I am not the only one, I am one of many.’

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How gay soccer player helped LGBTQ supporter group get official recognition from MLS team

Ryan Keesee loves soccer, but he thought it was not compatible with being gay. Now embracing who he is has led him to an amazing place.

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Coming out and finding love rekindled athlete’s passion for running

Closeted and scared, Kenzi Hayden quit running. Now out, she is reclaiming a sport she has long loved.

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When this trans hockey player returned to the ice, she was embraced by her former college teammates

Charlotte Jobe was nervous the first time she played after coming out, but it turned out her fears were baseless.

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For gay Ohio State swimmer, pool became his safe space

After Nathan Holty started coming out to teammates in high school and college, he saw his confidence soar and his performances improve.

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Baseball played vital role for gay jock turned doc in his coming out

Before becoming a successful doctor on a TV show, Brad Schaeffer played baseball as he struggled with discovering his true self.

AAGBPL pitcher Maybelle Blair reflects on coming out publicly at age 95

In addition advising the ‘A League of Their Own’ TV series, Blair recounts how the AAGBPL was the first place many gay and lesbian players were able to meet others like them.

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How gay beach volleyball player uses TikTok to build a community

Charlie Siragusa has found social media vital to building his brand but more importantly to find a community with other queer people from different walks of life.

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Gay rugby player in Texas shares his Pride video to inspire others to love themselves 

Knute O’Donnell discovered a simple message in his coming out journey: Love yourself. It’s what spurred him to do a Pride video.

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Longtime soccer coach and executive finds liberation in coming out as gay

After widespread support from the soccer community, John Dorn wonders, ‘Why did it take me so long?’

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Coming out as gay gave high school swimmer courage to be outspoken about queer rights

Ethan Crawford was nervous about coming out as gay, but ‘all of the guys on my swim team were accepting and supportive, which was shocking.’

This trans woman celebrates her name 3 years later

Karleigh Webb looks back on claiming her name and finding her voice, and how others have done the same in sports.

Gay racer, kart track owner strives to make racing accessible to all

Brandon Adkins used to hide his sexuality but now out and proud, he wants to give ‘everyone a chance in a sport that’s historically been tailored to straight, white men.’

Coming out from behind the camera, now working UNC-Kansas

Sports cameraman Scott Winer has worked the biggest sports in America. It was his shot of the Arkansas State fake punt that went viral. He opens up about being gay, his dream job in the pros and years of dealing with sexual assault.

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For college rowing captain, coming out as gay showed power of authenticity

Gus Hirschfeld takes the lessons he learned as an athlete at Brown to his new job as a special education teacher.

Out basketball player Courtney Thrun thrives in Brandeis’s culture of acceptance

After feeling repressed in her hometown, Thrun finds the open environment she’d been looking for under out head coach Carol Simon.

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College runner: ‘I want people to know that I’m gay and I’m fast’

For Rachel Hirschkind, helping her team place at cross-country nationals was made sweeter by being out as a queer athlete.