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Tom Daley and Matty Lee’s synchronized diving gold tops any individual medal

In spite of conventional wisdom, the skill and aesthetics required to win a synchro gold make it the most impressive diving achievement.

Tom Daley wins bronze in 10m Platform and thanks his husband

Daley’s bronze completes his comeback from Rio and cements his status as a hero of the Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic diver Jordan Windle writes children’s book with his gay dad

'An Orphan No More' tells the story of a father and an orphan who don't look the same. It's the story of Jerry and Jordan Windle.

Here are three athletes to watch during Olympic Men’s Platform Diving

Tom Daley, Jordan Windle and Timo Barthel all hold particular interest for LGBTQ fans.

Olympic Diver Jordan Windle has stood up for gay athletes after being bullied himself

Jordan Windle is straight but has a gay dad. Now with Greg Louganis’ help, he’s competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Anton Down-Jenkins advances to Springboard finals in his first Olympics

Looking to Simone Biles for inspiration, Down-Jenkins pulls off a winning strategy in the semifinal to finish eighth.

Tom Daley shows off knitting prowess while cheering his fellow divers

While preparing for the Men’s 10 Meter Platform event, Daley supports his teammates and displays his love for his newest hobby.

What Tom Daley’s gold medal means to this gay man

Watching Tom Daley grow into his authentic self inspired me at a time when I was still trying to find a way toward mine. Seeing him win Olympic gold brought out all my emotions in the best way.

Tom Daley ‘incredibly proud’ to be a gay man and Olympic champion after winning gold

‘When I was younger I thought I was never going to be anything or achieve anything because of who I was,’ says Daley after his Olympic gold.

This Olympic diver isn’t ‘gay’ or ‘straight,’ but ‘human’

Timo Barthel has come to define himself as ‘human’ before anything else, looking to embrace all people.

Diver Jordan Windle makes his gay dad proud by qualifying for the Olympics

Jerry Windle taught his son how to be a straight ally to the LGBTQ community. And now he’ll be cheering him on at the Tokyo Games.

New Zealand’s first Olympic diver in 37 years is out and proudly gay

Anton Down-Jenkins will go to the Olympics as an out-and-proud representative of LGBTQ athletes.

Tom Daley returns to competition with two World Cup gold medals

In his first competition in 14 months, Daley prepares for the Olympics with Individual and Synchro golds at the 2021 FINA World Cup.

This week’s winners in LGBTQ sports roar in like a Lioness

Each and every Saturday, our managing editor reviews the top Outsports stories of the past 7 days and decides who won, and who lost.

On Deck today: Andy Towle, Sue Bird, Rep. Angie Craig, Russell T Davies, Luka Doncic

On Deck Circle is a round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

Meet 3 out HIV+ athletes: A bodybuilder, a triathlete and the world’s greatest diver

Read about the challenges and achievements of HIV+ Olympic legend Greg Louganis, International bodybuilder Raif Derrazi, who is living with AIDS and U.S.A.F. 1st Lt. Josh Hipps, a triathlete living with HIV.

Robbie Rogers shows off his family in new Ralph Lauren holiday ads

In a new promotion, Robbie Rogers and Greg Berlanti become the latest LGBTQ athlete family to be embraced by Madison Avenue.

Tom Daley how de we love thee? Let us count the ways

Tom Daley has inspired many with his vulnerability. Ken Schultz, with his parallel journey, has been a superfan all the way.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Out gay diver Matthew Mitcham wins Olympic gold

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

Celebrating LGBTQ sports history: Greg Louganis comes out as gay

Every day in October we’re looking back at the athletes, coaches and events that made LGBTQ sports history.

Thursday Night Football returns, The ‘F’ Word, Bi Week

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

‘Shocked. Appalled. Gutted.’ Gay swimmer reacts to University of Iowa shutting down program

Mike Nelson swam for four years at the University of Iowa and is stunned by the school’s decision to shut down the program that nurtured him. He and other swimmers are fighting back.

Tom Daley shows fans that he’s hilariously bad at golf

In a new vlog, the Olympic medalist entertainingly demonstrates that athletic skills on the platform don’t translate on the driving range.

This stream has:

For Pride 2020, here are 30 Moments of Pride

From Jason Collins to Ireen Wust, Outsports is sharing 30 stories over 30 days, celebrating out athletes who made history.

30 Moments of Pride: Greg Louganis comes back from injury to win Olympic gold

After hitting his head on the springboard during prelims, the HIV-positive diver steps up his game to emerge a champion.

Matthew Mitcham’s gold medal is one of the great underdog victories of all time

In 2008 one man took on an entire nation and became an Olympic hero.

Diver Joey Cifelli returns to the pool, aims for his second Olympic Trials

Joey Cifelli dove for Purdue and thought his career ended when he graduated. Now he’s back and focused on big things.

Tom Daley shares his support for Tokyo Olympics postponement

In a perceptive Instagram post, the longtime British Olympic diver vows "to work my tail off" to be ready for 2021.

Tom Daley’s fatherhood videos make strong statement about LGBTQ parents

With LGBTQ couples’ right to adopt under attack, Daley and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, provide ample evidence that gay couples can raise children with love.

Olympic hero Matthew Mitcham marries his partner in gold-medal ceremony

‘The whole thing was so beautiful, I was crying for basically the entire ceremony.’

Out diver Lisa Coe knows identity reaches far beyond college athletics

Pitt’s Lisa Coe is as an example of why representation matters: she’s working to change the university’s relationship with LGBTQ people through personal interaction.

For Tom Daley, fatherhood could be the road to Olympic gold

The British diving star says becoming a dad was worth the plunge.


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