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‘Cassandro’ finds beauty in complexity to honor a queer pro wrestling pioneer

‘Cassandro’ captures the legendary luchador’s story without sugarcoating the reality of his journey.

LGBTQ pro wrestling documentary ‘Out In The Ring’ sets U.S. TV Debut

The award-winning documentary will premiere on Fuse and Fuse+ on November 15.

Gay lucha libre legend Cassandro inducted into AAA Hall of Fame

Cassandro becomes the first exotico and first out LGBTQ pro wrestler inducted into the famed Mexican promotion’s Hall of Fame.

Trailblazer Layshia Clarendon focused on a WNBA return while helping trans and nonbinary people

Clarendon’s story and foundation are at the center of a new "Changemakers" episode from GLAAD.

Trans cyclist Emily Bridges: ‘I’m still here’

A new documentary looks at Bridges’ fight for her right to race in the female category as British Cycling ponders new policy.

Documentary on trans MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin in production

The trans MMA fighter eyes her next fight as she tells the story of her debut.

Tom Daley displays his activist side in new “Illegal To Be Me” documentary

Daley witnesses the institutionalized homophobia that numerous LGBTQ athletes face and refines his activism by listening to their testimony.

Leo Baker doc coming to Netflix, exploring his transition and Olympic decision

Last year Leo Baker had a choice: Continue his gender transition or compete in the Olympics.

Gay director Adam Kalderon tackles homophobia in the swimming world with “The Swimmer”

Based on his life on the Israeli swimming team, Kaldeon’s film explores the pressures of competition and living one’s truth.

The Fallon Fox Story: Movie about the MMA trailblazer is in development

Mark Gordon Pictures, along with the creative team behind the acclaimed documentary "Man Made," plans to tell the transgender pioneer’s story.

New documentary ‘Lioness’ highlights out bisexual boxing icon Nicola Adams

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and former WBO Female Flyweight champion will chronicle her life and rise in the new film.

WWE’s Tegan Nox shares how Captain Marvel empowered her to come out as bisexual with actress Brie Larson

Nox and Larson share an emotional moment on Nox’s journey to come back faster, stronger and shinier.

‘Pete Can’t Play Basketball’ comedy short film is a winner

Filmmaker Nick Borenstein provides a fresh and likable take on the ‘gays in sports’ comedy archetype.

New ‘Steelers’ documentary profiles barrier-breaking gay British rugby club

Premiering next month, "Steelers" showcases how LGBTQ players and coaches are finding community in rugby.

Out In The Ring documentary connects LGBTQ pro wrestling’s present with its history

‘People in the know about wrestling know about this movement, these people and these stories. But what they don’t know is the history that goes back to the 1940s.’

These women were ‘Born to Play’ football

A documentary film about LGBTQ and straight women who play tackle football debuted on ESPN earlier this month and was shown nationwide on ABC.

So who is eligible to be an underdog? Karleigh Webb sets the ground rules

We love them, root for them, make movies about them, but what qualifies someone to be an "underdog"?

Hulk smash! This week in LGBT Sports: Winners are heroes and losers are villains

Our weekly look at the big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage is in keeping with this week’s theme week: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which LGBTQ athletes could be Marvel superheroes?

Six members of the Outsports team assembled for a special MCU-themed podcast episode, and we fitted our favorite out sports heroes for capes.

23 sports-themed movies we recommend watching while you #StayHome

These are the essential films we picked, centered around sports, that will get you through the coronavirus crisis. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

‘Hardball’ focuses on baseball’s complicated relationship with women athletes

A new baseball documentary showcases the past, present and future of women playing the national pastime.

Trans wrestler Mack Beggs gains some healing and closure in ESPN’s ‘Mack Wrestles’

An ESPN 30-for-30 short about trans wrestler Mack Beggs notes the unseen stories behind the headlines and where he’s at now.

Comedian Dave Chappelle recycles tired tropes to hit trans athletes

One of stand-up’s all time innovators falls back on overplayed trans athlete stereotypes in his new "Sticks & Stones" special on Netflix.

15 LGBTQ sports films where #LoveIsLove

These LGBTQ sports films examine queerness and athletics issue through historic and fictional lenses.

9 LGBTQ sports documentaries that’ll leave you breathless

These LGBTQ sports documentaries range from body building and surfing to figuring skating and rodeo.

Dodgers slugger Kiké Hernandez not afraid of some fun with ‘The Bend and Snap’

Kiké Hernandez is turning gender roles of athletes upside down as fans and the L.A. Dodgers applaud.

Young trans athletes tell their stories in new documentary, ‘Changing the Game’

Mack Beggs, Andraya Yearwood, and Sarah Rose Huckman are featured in "Changing the Game," a new documentary film debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival

‘Giant Little Ones’ is an unexpected film about sports, sex, sexuality and love

When two friends and teammates experience a moment of intimacy, ‘Giant Little Ones’ becomes a story of self-discovery.

World Rugby releases new gay rugby documentary on Mark Bingham

Mark Bingham and gay rugby are the subject of a new documentary film, remembering the hero of Sept. 11, 2001.

Olympic figure skater Randy Gardner’s life story coming to the big screen

‘Go Figure: The Randy Gardner Story’ promises to be an inside look at the life and struggles of a gay, adopted Olympic athlete.

New gay short film pokes fun at Sports!

Kyle Krieger’s new ‘Sports!’ film brings the really gay community onto the basketball court.

New documentary portrays athletes’ struggles living in the closet

‘Alone In The Game’ shows the debilitating power of mindless homophobic language.