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flag football

ESPN’s Izzy Gutierrez gives touching shout-out to LGBTQ sports leagues on ‘Around the Horn’

The prominent out NBA reporter relished his experience playing in a major LGBTQ flag football tournament over President’s Day Weekend.

New York Giants host gay football league clinic with NFL players and coaches

The Giants have worked with the NY Gay Football League for over five years, building a partnership with the LGBT community.

Arizona Cardinals select gay football player to announce 3rd round NFL Draft pick

Joel Horton is a longtime member of the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League.

Gay flag football TV show in development, will be at Gay Bowl this weekend

TV production crews will be at Gay Bowl in Phoenix this weekend to capture the personalities and action.

Robert Kraft showed up to Boston’s gay flag football league’s opening day

The Patriots’ owner is an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Arizona Cardinals will sponsor Gay Bowl this fall, the 5th NFL team to do so

The Cardinals are major backers of the LGBTQ flag football tournament Gay Bowl XXI in the Phoenix area.

Katie Sowers wins her first game back on NFL sideline, returns to coaching college

The trailblazing coach was working this summer as a coaching intern for the Chiefs.

Katie Sowers reflects on her chosen family as she returns home, wins a national title and coaches the Chiefs

Katie Sowers is her dad’s daughter, always coaching people to be their better selves and adding to her chosen family.

Frank Rossi is a face of D3 football. Oh, and he happens to be gay, too

Rossi has been committed for 25 years to elevating the voices of people in football who don’t get the attention they deserve.

His gay flag football family helped save this trans athlete’s life

Caidin Thomas Smith says the New York Gay Football League ‘was instrumental in keeping me alive.’

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This athlete has navigated being queer and Black in football, the Army and the DC police department

Wilthalrio Coachman has found himself through semi-pro football, and as a police officer with a career in the military.

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This gay athlete came out to his high school at an awards banquet in the South

Justin Balthazor waited until he had proven himself with points and rebounds to share his true self with everyone in his basketball world.

With LGBT sports leagues canceled, we lose camaraderie and community

Tens of thousands of LGBT people participate in sports leagues across the country, where they find friendship and comfort.

This drag queen has found a home in the New York Gay Football League for the last 15 years

Ms. Jacqueline Dupree belts tunes like Whitney and catches balls like Gronk. And everywhere she goes, people smile.

How Boston’s LGBTQ flag football league is working to make youth sports more inclusive

FLAG Flag Football, one of Boston’s largest gay sports leagues, presents an annual scholarship to student-athletes who are working to make sports more inclusive for LGBTQ youth.

NFL Films highlights the Gay Bowl and LGBTQ flag football in new special

The power of sports in the LGBTQ community is highlighted in this new episode of NFL Films Presents.

Washington DC and Denver repeat as Gay Bowl champs

Hosted in New York earlier this month, Gay Bowl XIX featured the world’s best LGBTQ football teams.

Straight couple who met in gay flag football league profiled in iconic LGBT newspaper’s Sports Issue

This meet-cute is one of many stories featured in the Washington Blade’s annual Sports Issue.

Seattle Seahawks sponsor local LGBTQ flag football league

The Seahawks are part of a growing list of NFL teams partnering with LGBTQ football leagues.

Win a date with a former college football player and other bachelors tonight in New York

The New York Gay Football League’s annual bachelor auction, benefitting Gay Men’s Health Crisis, is tonight in Hell’s Kitchen.

Minnesota Vikings partner with local gay flag football league

The Vikings are presenting sponsors of the Minnesota Gay Flag Football League.

Gay flag football GOAT Eric Reissner talks football, wins and losses

As Gay Bowl XVIII kicks off, San Diego quarterback Eric Reissner opens up about some of his best memories, worst defeat and his secret to success.

Gay Bowl XVIII football tournament gets support from Denver Broncos

The Gay Bowl returns to Denver Sept. 14-16.

DC Gay Flag Football League produces 2017 calendar

The DC Gay Flag Football League has the first 2017 calendar, to benefit the Gay Bowl they will host in October.

NY Gay Football celebrates 10 years

The New York Gay Football League started as an idea in my living room a little over 10 years ago. Now it's one of the largest leagues in the country.

San Diego & Denver win Gay Bowl 14

San Diego Bolts win their third consecutive Gay Bowl championship as Denver is building a dynasty in the women's tournament.

Gay flag football doc now on itunes and Amazon

F(l)ag Football tells the story of LGBT football players trying to win the Gay Bowl, and the issues faced by LGBT people in sports.

DC gay flag football league to publish calendar

"It Gets Better": D.C. gay flag football

Phoenix Hellraisers win Pride Bowl III

Player dies at gay flag football tourney