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There is no hidden agenda in the shade thrown at Tony Dungy & Ivan Provorov

Despite the claims from opportunists, we’re not out to destroy religion or biblical culture. We just want to enjoy sports without feeling hated for who we are.

Pro hockey team releases player for deluge of homophobic tweets

The Peoria Rivermen of the ECHL released Louie Rowe for posting extreme anti-LGBTQ content on social media.

Hockey’s Kalamazoo Wings celebrate Pride Night by clapping back at homophobic tweet

After a fan vowed not to attend games as long as the Kalamazoo Wings featured a rainbow logo, the team’s Twitter account informed him he wouldn’t be missed.

Hockey is not for everyone. Not yet. And we’re getting there.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

Gay hockey player Luke Prokop’s hometown team celebrated him with a tribute video

The Edmonton Oil Kings traded the out gay NHL prospect to the Seattle Thunderbirds.

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When this trans hockey player returned to the ice, she was embraced by her former college teammates

Charlotte Jobe was nervous the first time she played after coming out, but it turned out her fears were baseless.

Gay player Luke Prokop will be in the Predators’ Development Camp, and is listed as a ‘top prospect’

Prokop is coming off an excellent, championship-winning season in Western Canada’s top junior hockey league.

Gay player Luke Prokop shines as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League title

Prokop had a career year after coming out as gay and is now a champion as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League.

Hockey president apologizes after supporting group on trans-athlete inclusion

Digit Murphy was criticized for supporting a group that wants access to sports for trans women, with transition requirements.

Journalist Danielle McLean finds warmth and safety as a trans athlete on the hockey ice

Team Trans Hockey member and senior editor talks about hockey’s place in her journey on the Trans Sporter Room.

This trans hockey player found her support system on the ice

Journalist Danielle McLean recently wrote an op-ed about the special place her women’s hockey league plays in her life as an out trans woman.

Gay field hockey player Davis Atkin qualifies for Australia’s junior national team

After being outed last year, Davis Atkin is taking his hockey career to the next level.

AHL suspends player 8 games for homophobic language

The league sent a strong message to Ben Holmstrom that anti-gay slurs are simply unacceptable.

Team Canada wins Women’s Hockey Olympic gold with 3-2 victory over USA

With this result, that makes seven gold medals and one silver for Team LGBTQ.

Ronja Savolainen and Finland win Olympic bronze medal in Beijing

The imposing two-way defenseman started her career playing hockey with boys. Now she has won her 2nd Olympic medal.

Out athlete Alex Carpenter’s two goals spark U.S. women in Olympic hockey win

Carpenter got engaged a month ago and started off her Olympics in fine fashion.

Canadian women’s hockey team has at least 7 out athletes, most of any Olympic team ever

The Canadians are a favorite to win gold, with the most out LGBTQ athletes.

This gay referee just worked an American Hockey League game, a first for the league

Dre Barone came out in 2015 and continues to be promoted in the sport of ice hockey.

These Packers are a pro hockey family in the Premier Hockey Federation

Anya and Madison Packer are taking a break from hockey for Thanksgiving and traveling home with their son.

Opponents on the ice, Penguins and Sabres unite for NHL’s second joint Pride Game

After successfully co-hosting a Pride promotion in Buffalo last season, the two teams cooperate to bring a Pride Game to Pittsburgh.

This trans athlete cried tears of joy the first time he took the ice with Team Trans

Mason LeFebvre now feels he has a family in the rink. Team Trans travels to Madison, Wisc., this weekend.

The Blackhawks should not hold another Pride Night until they address anti-gay attacks on Kyle Beach

Chicago’s LGBTQ hockey fans should not let themselves be used as a prop as the Blackhawks search for a redemption narrative.

Massachusetts high school hockey team facing allegations of brazenly homophobic and racist hazing

The Danvers High School hockey team allegedly enforced "Gay Tuesdays," where players were ordered to get naked and touch each other.

After two years, Team Trans is getting back on the ice

The groundbreaking all-transgender hockey team is slated to play a series in Madison, Wisc. during Trans Awareness Week.

The bravery of Kyle Beach and the truth about sexual assault in men’s sports

The former Blackhawks player’s revelations show how anti-gay slurs can be weaponized against male survivors of sexual assault.

Maple Leafs defenseman Travis Dermott vows to put Pride tape on his stick more often this season

The veteran says he has family members in the LGBTQ community, and wants to support them more vigorously.

Gay NHL prospect Luke Prokop gets traded to his hometown

Prokop is returning home to Edmonton.

NWHL drops ‘women’ from its name

The Premier Hockey Federation is going gender-neutral in an effort to be more respectful and inclusive.

Gay NHL prospect Luke Prokop has not heard any slurs since coming out

Luke Prokop has had quite a month since coming out, including a call from Sir Elton John.

Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop comes out as gay

Luke Prokop is the first active player under NHL contract to publicly come out.

Coach Digit Murphy breaks silence about leaving Womens Sports Policy Working Group

Toronto Six Head Coach Digit Murphy drops her support of the Working Group after pushback from trans inclusion advocates.

Sabres and Penguins meet in first-ever NHL joint Pride matchup

Pride was on ice in a nationally-televised hockey clash for a cause.