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This gay referee just worked an American Hockey League game, a first for the league

Dre Barone came out in 2015 and continues to be promoted in the sport of ice hockey.

These Packers are a pro hockey family in the Premier Hockey Federation

Anya and Madison Packer are taking a break from hockey for Thanksgiving and traveling home with their son.

Opponents on the ice, Penguins and Sabres unite for NHL’s second joint Pride Game

After successfully co-hosting a Pride promotion in Buffalo last season, the two teams cooperate to bring a Pride Game to Pittsburgh.

This trans athlete cried tears of joy the first time he took the ice with Team Trans

Mason LeFebvre now feels he has a family in the rink. Team Trans travels to Madison, Wisc., this weekend.

The Blackhawks should not hold another Pride Night until they address anti-gay attacks on Kyle Beach

Chicago’s LGBTQ hockey fans should not let themselves be used as a prop as the Blackhawks search for a redemption narrative.

Massachusetts high school hockey team facing allegations of brazenly homophobic and racist hazing

The Danvers High School hockey team allegedly enforced "Gay Tuesdays," where players were ordered to get naked and touch each other.

After two years, Team Trans is getting back on the ice

The groundbreaking all-transgender hockey team is slated to play a series in Madison, Wisc. during Trans Awareness Week.

The bravery of Kyle Beach and the truth about sexual assault in men’s sports

The former Blackhawks player’s revelations show how anti-gay slurs can be weaponized against male survivors of sexual assault.

Maple Leafs defenseman Travis Dermott vows to put Pride tape on his stick more often this season

The veteran says he has family members in the LGBTQ community, and wants to support them more vigorously.

Gay NHL prospect Luke Prokop gets traded to his hometown

Prokop is returning home to Edmonton.

NWHL drops ‘women’ from its name

The Premier Hockey Federation is going gender-neutral in an effort to be more respectful and inclusive.

Gay NHL prospect Luke Prokop has not heard any slurs since coming out

Luke Prokop has had quite a month since coming out, including a call from Sir Elton John.

Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop comes out as gay

Luke Prokop is the first active player under NHL contract to publicly come out.

Coach Digit Murphy breaks silence about leaving Womens Sports Policy Working Group

Toronto Six Head Coach Digit Murphy drops her support of the Working Group after pushback from trans inclusion advocates.

Sabres and Penguins meet in first-ever NHL joint Pride matchup

Pride was on ice in a nationally-televised hockey clash for a cause.

New Jersey Devils host team’s first Pride Night since pandemic

The NHL team hosted its 5th annual N.J. Devils Pride Night, featuring special jerseys which will be auctioned-off to benefit LGBTQ groups.

Kurtis Gabriel challenges NHL to improve inclusion efforts

The longtime ally says the league needs to reach out to LGBTQ people and "get uncomfortable."

Why are there so few out LGBTQ sports broadcasters?

With the LGBTQ community being represented in so many aspects of sports, the lack of out play-by-play voices is striking.

This stream has:

2021’s LGBTQ sports winners and losers

Once a week, every week, Outsports’ managing editor selects big stories from the past 7 days of LGBTQ sports coverage.

Check out Kurtis Gabriel’s rainbow Pride flag skates

The San Jose Sharks forward and straight ally showed off the custom skates on his social media Sunday, along with a pair dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gay male hockey players are coming out in droves, and changing the sport’s culture

Many gay male hockey players and officials came out on Outsports this year. Together, they’re making the sport’s atavistic culture more inclusive.

Natasha Cloud, Anya Packer and Matt Lynch give Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ some LGBTQ flair

Cloud, Packer and Lynch were honored for their advocacy in multiple cultural causes.

NHL forward Kurtis Gabriel and his Pride Tape head to San Jose

Longtime ally Kurtis Gabriel has played for the Devils, the Wild and most recently the AHL Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Now he has a 1-year contract with the Sharks.

When this NHL player agent came out, the game’s biggest stars congratulated him

Bayne Pettinger fielded congratulatory texts from Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid when he told them he was gay.

NFL team celebrates gay marriage, What it’s like to come out at ESPN

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Watch: The current state of LGBTQ acceptance and homophobia in men’s hockey

Four players and referees in men’s hockey discuss their experiences being out in the sport.

Elite Canadian teenage hockey player comes out as gay

Yanic Dupelessis is an elite teenage hockey player in Canada and he came out as gay in part to help others.

Hockey player Zach Sullivan says Pride games helped give him courage to come out

The Elite Ice Hockey League defenseman sees Pride games creating material changes within hockey culture.

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Announcer won’t be back; Team’s best player leaves bubble; What is Tour de Trans?

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