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Team LGBTQ’s Caroline Ouellette celebrates her wife at Hockey Hall of Fame induction

As she receives her sport’s highest honor, Canada’s four-time gold medal winner celebrates her wife as a fellow Olympian.

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Homophobia and the hockey rink confirmed

Hockey Canada confirms men's hockey is still suffering from homophobic language and other maltreatment.

Marc-André Fleury is the latest to defy NHL’s specialty equipment ban with Native American Heritage mask

Following in the footsteps of Travis Dermott’s triumphant Pride Tape moment, Fleury defiantly stands up to Gary Bettman’s ban.

Luke Prokop plays in game for Milwaukee Admirals, first out gay player in AHL

Luke Prokop is the first publicly out gay athlete to play in an AHL game, one division below the NHL.

Utah and Cincinnati minor league hockey teams show the NHL that Pride jerseys are alive and well in 2023

The Utah Grizzlies and Cincinnati Cyclones pulled off successful Pride jersey promotions and gave the NHL yet another black eye.

Luke Prokop scores game-winning goal in OT, Gladiators undefeated since he joined the team

Prokop is the only publicly out gay athlete in pro hockey in the US, finding success in the sport.

Gay former hockey player Brock McGillis launches speaking tour to combat his sport’s entrenched homophobia

The ‘Culture Shift Tour’ will visit every NHL market in Canada as McGillis tells his life story to minor hockey players in order to make the ice a more inclusive place.

Why out pro hockey announcer sees Pride Tape ban as a step back

‘In a game where symbolism is so important, the NHL has taken away the symbol that allowed LGBTQIA+ people and others to feel welcome,’ Jonathan Kliment writes.

Gay former college hockey player calls NHL Pride Tape ban ‘totally absurd’

Adam Fyrer wants to see the NHL allow individual expression with stick tape, to support LGBTQ athletes.

Carly Jackson lets her personality shine on the ice as a gay athlete, all the way to a championship

Jackson played hockey with the boys growing up, and she’s blossomed on the ice with the women.

Brian Burke, LGBTQ advocate in hockey, ‘deeply disappointed’ by NHL’s Pride Tape ban

A statement has been released by Burke, who co-founded You Can Play after the tragic death of son Brendan, an inspiration to many in hockey as an out gay man.

‘Hockey is not for everyone’: NHL’s Pride Tape ban blasted by LGBTQ people and allies

You Can Play, Pride Tape and people across social media and the media are slamming the NHL for its Pride Tape ban.

Luke Prokop headed to the AHL, one step closer to the NHL

Prokop is the rare out gay athlete in professional hockey.

This gay hockey referee loves the game. Homophobia tells him the game doesn’t love him back.

Tyler has been the target of countless homophobic slurs and taunts from parents, coaches, players, and even his own fellow officials.

Even with the top draft pick, organizational homophobia makes it hard to support the Blackhawks

After the Blackhawks played their part in this year’s NHL Pride jersey fiasco, it’s hard to justify cheering for them as an LGBTQ fan. Even with Connor Bedard.

This college hockey player came out publicly, in response to NHL players refusing to wear Pride jerseys

Carson Gates says he came out to show that queer people belong in hockey.

Luke Prokop’s teammates put rainbow tape on their sticks to support him during fan-thrown Pride Night

The Seattle Thunderbirds players, most of whom are teenagers, showed incredible courage.

Hockey isn’t for everyone. Some women and LGBTQ people on Twitter are pushing to change that.

This NHL fan has returned to the league because of efforts from women like her, and other diverse groups.

Harvard women’s ice hockey coach Katey Stone ignored her team’s homophobic hazing for decades

According to a new report, the legendary coach did nothing to stop her players from humiliating LGBTQ teammates.

Trailblazing gay field hockey player Davis Atkin just got named to Australia’s senior national team

Atkin, who runs a popular Instagram account focused on skin care, is on the ascent.

Former NHL coach Marc Crawford under investigation after homophobic tirade during hockey game

Crawford was caught on camera directing a homophobic slur at a referee during a game in Switzerland’s National League.

There is no hidden agenda in the shade thrown at Tony Dungy & Ivan Provorov

Despite the claims from opportunists, we’re not out to destroy religion or biblical culture. We just want to enjoy sports without feeling hated for who we are.

Pro hockey team releases player for deluge of homophobic tweets

The Peoria Rivermen of the ECHL released Louie Rowe for posting extreme anti-LGBTQ content on social media.

Hockey’s Kalamazoo Wings celebrate Pride Night by clapping back at homophobic tweet

After a fan vowed not to attend games as long as the Kalamazoo Wings featured a rainbow logo, the team’s Twitter account informed him he wouldn’t be missed.

Hockey is not for everyone. Not yet. And we’re getting there.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

Gay hockey player Luke Prokop’s hometown team celebrated him with a tribute video

The Edmonton Oil Kings traded the out gay NHL prospect to the Seattle Thunderbirds.

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When this trans hockey player returned to the ice, she was embraced by her former college teammates

Charlotte Jobe was nervous the first time she played after coming out, but it turned out her fears were baseless.

Gay player Luke Prokop will be in the Predators’ Development Camp, and is listed as a ‘top prospect’

Prokop is coming off an excellent, championship-winning season in Western Canada’s top junior hockey league.

Gay player Luke Prokop shines as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League title

Prokop had a career year after coming out as gay and is now a champion as Edmonton wins Western Hockey League.

Hockey president apologizes after supporting group on trans-athlete inclusion

Digit Murphy was criticized for supporting a group that wants access to sports for trans women, with transition requirements.

Journalist Danielle McLean finds warmth and safety as a trans athlete on the hockey ice

Team Trans Hockey member and senior editor talks about hockey’s place in her journey on the Trans Sporter Room.

This trans hockey player found her support system on the ice

Journalist Danielle McLean recently wrote an op-ed about the special place her women’s hockey league plays in her life as an out trans woman.


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