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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosts art installation about soccer’s homoeroticism

JJ Guest’s The Other Team blurs the lines between the sports world and the gay community with artwork featuring a glory hole and players kissing on the pitch.

Would you ask a ‘cockocracy’ professor about your penis size? These 300 men did

After a professor wrote about the hierarchy of penises in the locker room, he was flooded with questions and pictures. It also helped launch a new career.

Catalans Dragons player welcomes Israel Folau to team with gay porn

After infamous homophobe Folau signed with the French rugby club last year, one teammate introduced himself online by spamming him with gay porn videos.

'His hands aren't supposed to be on my ass'

The Colts' botched fake punt play continues to entertain, thanks to Griff and Colt.

Naked Warwick rowers announce 2016 calendar

Money goes to help combat homophobia.

Featured Fanshot

Some ruggers love getting drunk and naked

It always amazes me to see how some straight guys behave after a few drinks. I saw this video a while back but a friend just reminded me of it. Here you have a bunch of supposedly straight rugby players many of whom are looking for an excuse to get naked and grab each other and make out after a few drinks. It's a fascinating study in social psychology. BTW, 200% NSFW.

Olympic athletes posing naked