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Homophobia in sports

Tom Daley returns to Russia and takes home medals

One of the world’s most well-known gay athletes triumphs again in Vladimir Putin’s backyard

FIFA reduces Mexico’s ban on anti-gay chanting fans, again gives the middle finger to the LGBTQ community

Fans who yell anti-gay chants will allowed back into Mexico soccer matches sooner than expected.

Elite cyclist comes out, calls out his sport for homophobia

Elite British cyclist Clay Davies says more must be done to stamp out anti-gay sentiments.

Former UFC fighter Alistair Overeem goes anti-gay in describing pro wrestling

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani Monday, Overeem described pro wrestling as ‘gay.’

Volleyball coach says he left high school because they wouldn’t let him be gay

Inoke Tonga says school administrators told him he was a danger to children.

Olympic volleyball player gets abuse after posting photo with her girlfriend

Teammates rally around Olympic volleyballer Ebrar Karakurt after she is compelled to take down photo with her girlfriend.

Why gay tennis player wouldn’t let an on-court slur slide

‘I won’t stay silent like I would have when I wasn’t out and didn’t accept myself for being gay,’ Nick Lee writes about an incident at his adult tennis league.

Team LGBTQ won more medals than every single country that criminalizes homosexuality

A moment of pride for the LGBTQ community, as 57 out athletes won at least 33 different Olympic medals.

Belgian sports journalist suspended after homophobia against the Olympic women’s hoops squad

Players crack back on commentator Eddy Demarez for calling one of their teammates "a man" as the team returned from Tokyo.

Pro tennis player wears rainbow accessories after yelling anti-gay slur during the Olympics

Fabio Fognini wore a rainbow headband and wristbands for his first match since the incident.

LGBTQ Olympians ‘perverts’ and ‘abomination,’ Russian state TV says

Russian state TV can’t stand the fact that a record number of LGBTQ Olympians are out and proud.

Out gymnast on panel to focus on plight of LGBTQ people in Sri Lanka

Luke Strong wants to use his position to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues in Sri Lanka.

Figure skater Nathan Chen apologizes for homophobic remarks

The American figure skater expressed frustration with stereotypes of being a straight skater in a ‘homosexual-dominated sport’ and then apologized.

Olympics put fight for Japanese LGBTQ protections under microscope

Former Japanese national team fencer Fumino Sugiyama became the first trans Japan Olympic Committee board member and continues the fight alongside others.

Four LGBTQ fans are suing Soldier Field over anti-gay slurs

Four LGBTQ soccer fans say they were subjected to an onslaught of homophobic slurs during the final match of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

NBA’s Van Gundy embarrasses himself with on-air “sissyfication” slur

The NBA analyst used a homophobic choice of words when he lashed at the stars of today’s game.

Germany’s captain wore a Pride armband. An investigation was started and then dropped.

The UEFA was reportedly investigating Manuel Neuer, because it viewed the armband as a political statement.

Anti-gay slur means no home fans for Mexico World Cup qualifiers

Homophobic chants by fans of El Tri will lead to World Cup qualifying home dates behind closed doors.

Texas football coach liked 57 anti-Pride tweets, likening gays to murderers, against god’s will

One tweet called Pride ‘Mental Disorder Month.’ School administrators have ignored requests to talk.

ATP is investigating rising star for yelling gay slurs during a match

Danish player Holger Rune apologized on Instagram, though he edited his original statement.

Mexico soccer faced the USA. Fans chanted anti-gay slurs. Again

Mexico fans chanted a gay slur at players representing the USA on American soil, and the match was paused.

As NFL and others in sports embrace Pride, some fans lash out with threats of boycotts

Two gay former NFL players talk about the importance of the league’s support, as most fans seem to understand the gesture.

Is ‘rent boy’ a gay slur? English soccer says no

The ruling contradicts FIFA and virtually every other governing body.

UFC fighter Donald Cerrone’s ‘gay lovers’ line adds to his history of homophobic comments

During the UFC on ESPN 24 media day on Wednesday, Cerrone referred to former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez and Sanchez’s coach, Joshua Fabia, as ‘gay lovers’ pejoratively.

Phoenix Rising host San Diego Loyal and Collin Martin months after gay slur incident

Rising coach Rick Schantz talks about what he’s learned and how he’s approaching LGBTQ inclusion for the 2021 season.

Kim Mulkey brings problematic history with LGBTQ athletes to LSU

The Hall of Famer won three National Titles at Baylor. But Mulkey also insisted Brittney Griner remain in the closet during her time at the university.

Gay Spanish water polo player says he was called slur twice in match

Victor Gutiérrez says the slurs came during and after a heated match with a rival Spanish team. The player accused of making the slurs denies using them.

This is what it’s really like when a gay athlete hears gay slurs uttered by teammates

Brock McGillis suffered for years hearing the very things Kevin Durant and Sebastian Lletget were allowed to say.

MLS cleared Sebastian Lletget to play season opener after publicly calling a teammate a gay slur

Sebastian Lletget was cleared to play in the Galaxy season opener at Inter Miami, according to a source with the LA Galaxy.

Sebastian Lletget suspended 2 matches by MLS for calling teammate a gay slur

Sebastian Lletget has expressed remorse for using the slur and has committed to helping the LGBTQ community.

To NBA, a fine is just fine as Kevin Durant returns to the Nets

LGBTQ advocacy groups and LGBTQ fans are not satisfied with the league’s response to KD’s direct message beef with actor Michael Rapaport.

Out gay Mets fan for life: How can you partner with Chick-fil-A?

A lifelong gay Mets fan wrote this plea to the team to end its promotion with the controversial fast-food restaurant chain, and he demands MLB step in.


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