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Homophobia in sports

Tom Daley returns to Russia and takes home medals

One of the world’s most well-known gay athletes triumphs again in Vladimir Putin’s backyard

How Vladimir Putin helps dictate what NHL teams do on Pride Nights

Russia’s anti-gay laws are being cited for some NHL teams backing down on having their players wear Pride-themed uniforms.

Harvard women’s ice hockey coach Katey Stone ignored her team’s homophobic hazing for decades

According to a new report, the legendary coach did nothing to stop her players from humiliating LGBTQ teammates.

Minnesota Wild are latest NHL team to cave to homophobia, abandon Pride jerseys

The Wild had announced players would wear rainbow jerseys. Then they quietly deleted web pages and didn’t.

Former UFC fighter Nate Marquardt responds to gay kiss on TV with homophobic Twitter rant

After seeing a gay kiss in a commercial, Marquardt unleashed a series of bigoted tweets, saying gays deserve ‘death.’

Tony Dungy, NFL analyst for NBC Sports, continues his Twitter assault on LGBT people

Dungy continues to question whether Jesus Christ - accepting of all people - would accept gay people.

Former NHL coach Marc Crawford under investigation after homophobic tirade during hockey game

Crawford was caught on camera directing a homophobic slur at a referee during a game in Switzerland’s National League.

LGBTQ inclusion in sports at all levels is in a slump

From locker rooms in the NHL, to sports boardrooms, to state and national legislatures, inclusion seems conditional at best, and unwanted at worst.

Nets’ Cam Thomas fined $40,000 for saying gay slur ‘no homo’ in postgame interview

Thomas says the use of the homophobic slur was ‘insensitive’ after uttering it on national TV. Expect a fine.

Rangers’ Pride Night fiasco is the latest example of sports teams being afraid of a rainbow

The Rangers chose protecting homophobic players over supporting their LGBTQ fans. Sadly, this is now a familiar story.

Joey Bosa uses homophobic slur in responding to Eagles fan heckling him

Joey Bosa of the Chargers and a Philadelphia Eagles heckler get into it prior to the NFC Championship Game.

New York Rangers immeasurably set back LGBT community in the NHL with Pride jersey refusal

New York Rangers chose to reject LGBT fans by choosing to change course and have players not wear Pride rainbow.

Tony Dungy defiant, ‘apologizes’ to Christians and NBC, not to the LGBT community. It’s intentional.

NBC refused a request from LGBTQ employees to have Dungy apologize on-air, and the network has refused to comment publicly.

Pro hockey team releases player for deluge of homophobic tweets

The Peoria Rivermen of the ECHL released Louie Rowe for posting extreme anti-LGBTQ content on social media.

Boxer wears Pride armband after opponent insinuates he is gay

Chris Eubank Jr. donned the Pride armband at a weigh-in after opponent Liam Smith suggested he was gay and then tweeted a message of inclusion.

NBC owes an explanation as Tony Dungy says kids are confused into thinking they’re cats.

Dungy was hired by NBC Sports after advocating against same-sex marriage. This tweet went beyond any of his previous statements.

More and more athletes refuse to wear rainbow Pride uniforms. They miss the point.

Anti-gay athletes in baseball, soccer, hockey and rugby have missed the point of rainbow uniforms.

Ivan Provorov refuses to wear Flyers Pride jersey, NHL & coach stand by player

Ivan Provorov played in a game despite refusing to wear a Pride rainbow jersey, in a show of defiance against LGBT fans.

Ivan Provorov shows why Pride Nights aren’t enough

Pride Nights are hollow if there isn’t larger buy-in from the teams hosting them.

What to make of Tony Dungy’s anti-gay present and past, and NBC’s choice to remain silent

For almost two decades Dungy has spoken out against the LGBT community, as NBC and his colleagues stay silent.

NFL broadcasters Tony Dungy and James Brown are featured speakers at outspoken anti-gay preacher’s event

The NBC and CBS analysts are annual speakers at an event held by rabidly anti-LGBT preacher Andrew Wommack.

Another week, another anti-gay slur in English soccer

The ugly ‘Chelsea rent boy’ chant was uttered by fans of Manchester United this time.

Anti-gay chants mar another English soccer match, but these might be prosecuted

Authorities say they will prosecute fans for using homophobic chants.

Mexico, whose fans refuse to stop chanting gay slurs, will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026

FIFA should put banning Mexico from its own World Cup on the table, if fans won’t stop the chant.

Was the World Cup ‘too big to... opt out’?

This sports executive raises questions about why companies like Coca-Cola opted to support the World Cup despite human-rights abuses in Qatar.

Lamar Jackson apologized for his tweet, but not to gay men or the homophobia behind it

Lamar Jackson answered questions about his vulgar tweet, though no one asked about its roots in homophobia.

FIFA investigating Mexico anti-gay chant before team was booted from the World Cup

Mexico gave up the eliminating goal just seconds after their fans chanted the gay slur yet again. FIFA is now investigating.

NFL player supports FCA with his cleats, says he had no idea the group is anti-gay

LA Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom said he met his wife through Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wanted to give back.

Here are 7 upcoming world championships and world cups in countries where it’s illegal to be gay

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has drawn attention for anti-LGBT laws. More championships like this are coming.

Lamar Jackson deletes tweet where he used gay slur against a fan

Baltimore Ravens quarterback was angry at the fan’s criticism following loss to Jacksonville.

Lamar Jackson’s tweet utilized homophobia. His tone-deaf defense has given license to others

Lamar Jackson could do good by listening to gay men about his comment. Will the NFL star listen?

Iran asks FIFA to remove the USA from the World Cup because they’re offended

Iran murders men for being gay and kills women who step out of line. The USA vs. Iran match is a clash of cultures.