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Homophobia in sports

Tom Daley returns to Russia and takes home medals

One of the world’s most well-known gay athletes triumphs again in Vladimir Putin’s backyard

NFL player supports FCA with his cleats, says he had no idea the group is anti-gay

LA Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom said he met his wife through Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wanted to give back.

Here are 7 upcoming world championships and world cups in countries where it’s illegal to be gay

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has drawn attention for anti-LGBT laws. More championships like this are coming.

Lamar Jackson deletes tweet where he used gay slur against a fan

Baltimore Ravens quarterback was angry at the fan’s criticism following loss to Jacksonville.

Lamar Jackson’s tweet utilized homophobia. His tone-deaf defense has given license to others

Lamar Jackson could do good by listening to gay men about his comment. Will the NFL star listen?

Iran asks FIFA to remove the USA from the World Cup because they’re offended

Iran murders men for being gay and kills women who step out of line. The USA vs. Iran match is a clash of cultures.

FIFA to Belgium: Remove ‘LOVE’ from World Cup jersey or be punished

FIFA claims edict due to commercial links with prominent music festival.

Qatar doesn’t hate rainbow colors, it hates gay people

The decision to harass journalists and fans wearing rainbow-themed attire shows the nation’s contempt for LGBTQ people.

Game Changer Wrestling punishes wrestler Chris Hamrick for on-mic homophobic slur

Hamrick directed a homophobic slur at a fan while cutting a pre-match promo at Sunday’s GCW "Aura" event, the same day as the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Here are 8 reasons LGBT people are concerned about the World Cup in Qatar

LGBT people have been told to stay away from the World Cup in Qatar. These are some of the reasons.

Met disagrees with Bean's gay 'lifestyle'

The player, a devout Christian, says he supports gays in baseball even though he thinks homosexuality is wrong.

WWE’s Braun Strowman uses homophobic slur in Twitter rant

Former WWE Universal champion Braun Strowman called a Twitter user a "pansy" during a Twitter rant following his match at WWE’s latest Saudi-backed "Crown Jewel" event Saturday.

Saudi Arabia’s purchase of Newcastle United shows the cost of sportswashing for LGBTQ fans

When Saudi Arabia’s PIF bought Newcastle, it created a tumultuous situation for LGBTQ fan group United With Pride.

When this college soccer team heard a gay slur, they took action thanks in part to having had a gay captain

The Colby-Sawyer soccer team says it will walk off the field if any opponents use gay slurs.

Qatar arrests, abuses LGBT people, new pre-World Cup report says

Despite assurances from the Qatari government, reports of abuse of LGBT people continue to stream out of the World Cup host.

Soccer captain in Netherlands refused to wear rainbow armband

Orkun Kokcu is the latest athlete who’s opted out of visibly supporting the LGBTQ community.

Jaelene Daniels cut by the Courage after her continued anti-LGBT actions

Daniels proved LGBT fans’ fears right when she refused to play a match wearing a rainbow-colored jersey.

Santiago Sosa suspended 3 matches by MLS for using homophobic slur during a match

Sosa has seen his season with the Atlanta United ended with a suspension for a gay slur.

Cucho Hernandez suspended by MLS for calling an opponent a gay slur

The Columbus Crew forward levied the slur at a Portland Timbers player earlier this month.

Here’s how World Cup OneLove campaign can step up its protest game

While the pro-inclusion message of Europe’s OneLove captains is agreeable, it would be much stronger if they’d actually mention the LGBTQ community.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says Anthony Edwards’ cliché-filled apology for his anti-gay language isn’t enough

The NBA legend is calling on Edwards to back up his words with actions to help the LGBTQ community.

Anthony Edwards fined $40k by NBA, no mention of gay community or homophobia

Edwards recorded himself spewing homophobia then posted it on his own social media.

Will the NBA discipline Anthony Edwards? The LGBT community is watching

All the Pride flags in the world won’t give the NBA cover if they fail to properly address this clear use of a gay slur by its star.

Anthony Edwards uses anti-gay language, Timberwolves issue substance-less statement

Anthony Edwards chose to share his unfortunate use of ‘queer’ with hundreds of thousands of followers then apologized.

NBA Hall of Famer Tim Hardaway takes ownership of his homophobic upbringing

With his Hall of Fame induction a week away, Hardaway reflects on how growing up in the church inspired his infamous "I hate gay people" rant.

Soccer player fined for using ‘gay’ as an insult after a loss

Marius Muller, a goalie in the Swiss league, apologized for statements equating playing soft defense with being gay.

College football player arrested for assaulting ex-teammate because he thought he was gay

Jacksonville State punter Jack Dawson allegedly tormented his former teammate, John Haynes, and coaches did nothing to stop him.

Gay man from Qatar sounds alarm about coverage of the World Cup and LGBT oppression

Nasser Mohamed came out after leaving Qatar. Now he wants to help the LGBT community there.

Tom Daley displays his activist side in new “Illegal To Be Me” documentary

Daley witnesses the institutionalized homophobia that numerous LGBTQ athletes face and refines his activism by listening to their testimony.

More athletes are refusing to wear rainbow Pride uniforms. They miss the point of them

Anti-gay athletes in baseball, soccer and rugby have this summer missed the point of rainbow uniforms.

Gay Jamaican swimmer Michael Gunning reveals online abuse from his home country

Thanks to the bullying he received after coming out, Gunning did not travel back to visit Jamaica for four years.

Slur defaces campaign banner of gay candidate in Kansas City

Justice Horn, a former college wrestler, vows to fight harder after his LGBTQ-themed campaign banner is defaced.