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Lisa Wainwright pushing sport to set the tone for inclusion

The head of the UK’s Sport and Recreation Alliance noted the period of no sports is a ripe time to discuss an inclusive future, in a recent interview with Sky Sports.

Influential IOC member Dick Pound says Tokyo Summer Olympics will be postponed due to coronavirus

Pound says the games will likely be pushed back to 2021.

IOC sets deadline for deciding fate of Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee announced it has ruled out canceling the games, but discussions about what else to do have only just begun.

Megan Rapinoe on new IOC rule against protests: ‘We will not be silenced’

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe takes a public stand against Olympic protest ban.

World cycling body joins other sports federations in considering new rules for trans athletes

The Union Cycliste Internationale announced it may reset maximum testosterone levels for trans athletes competing in women’s sports.

Report: IOC delaying stricter rules for trans athletes because scientists can’t agree

The Guardian reports scientists are struggling to reach consensus on proposed new guidelines for transgender athletes.

USA Powerlifters overwhelmingly reject transgender inclusion

Transgender powerlifters and their allies vow to keep pressing USAPL to allow them to compete after losing in a landslide

British sports legends petition IOC to study ‘fairness’ of including transgender athletes

Kelly Holmes, Paula Radcliffe and Sharron Davies are asking the International Olympic Committee for more research on the "residual benefits" of being a trans athlete

Did Vancouver 2010 logo represent death?