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Major League Baseball

Billy Bean, gay MLB executive and former player, is battling leukemia

Billy Bean is now waiting for a bone-marrow donor match as Major League Baseball rallies around him. You can help.

Rangers beat writer Alex Plinck finds the ideal place to watch World Series clincher: a Dallas gay bar

While covering the Series, Plinck also talked baseball with the anti-Pride Rangers owner while wearing a rainbow bracelet.

As the Rangers hold out against Pride Nights, the 2023 World Series is an epic LGBTQ mismatch

The Diamondbacks have made LGBTQ inclusion a significant part of their team culture. The Rangers haven’t. Here’s the 2023 LGBTQ World Series Preview.

It was a profound honor to speak about Glenn Burke at his Legacy Walk induction

Glenn Burke earned his Legacy Walk plaque as baseball’s gay barrier breaker. As a gay baseball fan, speaking about the love his teammates had for him at the ceremony was the thrill of my year.

Did some Blue Jays players consider boycotting Pride Night game after Anthony Bass’ release?

As Bass tries to re-enter the news cycle looking for a roster spot, he also reveals he considered filing a grievance against the Blue Jays.

Yordan Álvarez’s post-homer kisses show how accepted affection between players has become

Throughout the season, Álvarez has celebrated homers by planting a quick kiss on teammate Martín Maldonado. It’s a beautiful tradition.

Nick Castellanos & the Phillies embrace showing some skin as they flex through the baseball playoffs

The Phillies have been one of MLB’s hottest teams on the field, and Castellanos’ unbuttoned look makes sure they stay that way.

Astros’ Hector Neris denies using homophobic slur, MLB investigating

The Houston Astros pitcher was alleged to have aimed a gay slur in Spanish at his Seattle Mariners opponent and fellow Dominican, Julio Rodriguez.

Dale Scott’s beloved home state honors him with induction into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame

Next week’s ceremony will pay tribute to Scott coming out publicly as gay while still an active umpire in 2014.

Even as he retires from baseball, Sean Doolittle continues his work as baseball’s exemplary LGBTQ advocate

Doolittle’s career on the field was worthy of celebration. His LGBTQ activism and allyship makes him one of the most significant voices for our community in sports history.

Los Angeles Dodgers are 37-17 since their Pride Night. Take that, homophobes

Anti-gay memes saying Dodger Stadium was flooded by Tropical Storm Hilary were false. What is true is how well the team is playing.

Dodgers held Christian Faith and Family Day and no gay people protested

The Dodgers held a promotion honoring Christians and LGBTQ people gave it the respect absent from the controversy over the team’s Pride Night.

For Pride 2024, it’s time for the White Sox to hold Disco Appreciation Night

For decades, the White Sox have been associated with the anti-gay Disco Demolition Night. Pride 2024 would be the perfect opportunity to correct that.

Orioles dedicate entire Twitter feed to LGBTQ allyship for Pride Night

In addition to onfield celebrations, the Orioles commemorated Pride by turning their Twitter over to LGBTQ resources, facts, and statistics.

Top 10: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"I’m just trying to make it not as tough for the next generation," says a basketball superstar on this list, along with executives with a Major League Baseball team and CBS, an NFL player and soccer legends.

Honorees 11-20: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"If we don’t fight for our community and ourselves, who will?" says a U.S. women’s soccer star on this list, along with an NBA executive, an Olympian and two WNBA head coaches.

Honorees 21-30: Outsports Power 100, the most influential LGBTQ people in sports

"Sports has notoriously and publicly suffered from a lack of LGBTQ+ representation," says an NBA exec on this list, along with people from MLB, ESPN and the NFL.

Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss are the most powerful out LGBTQ people in sports

Kloss and King earned the Outsports Power 100 top ranking for 2023 through their love, advocacy and business relationships.

Baltimore Orioles executive Greg Bader remembers joy of team’s first Pride Night

"It was kind of surreal for me to see other Orioles fans walking around with rainbow O’s caps," Baltimore’s senior vice president, and Outsports Power 100 honoree, said.

Roscoe Mapps leads by example for the San Francisco Giants

Giants executive came into the job as an out man and is an Outsports Power 100 honoree.

LGBTQ author Phil Bildner unveils his new Glenn Burke children’s book cover

After the success of "A High Five for Glenn Burke," author Phil Bildner revisits baseball’s gay trailblazer in the forthcoming "Glenn Burke, Game Changer."

Texas Rangers employees speak out against team’s refusal to host LGBTQ Pride Night

As testimony from several Rangers employees shows, the team’s front office is a difficult place for LGBTQ people to work.

Blue Jays release Anthony Bass after repeated anti-LGBTQ messages

Bass, who had shared an anti-LGBTQ message on Instagram, had been set to catch the opening pitch for Pride Night.

Pride uniforms are an issue for some athletes. One league is pulling back.

MLB has made it harder for teams to wear Pride rainbow logos. Their reasoning has merit.

Glenn Burke earns induction into Chicago’s LGBTQ Legacy Walk

During Pride Night ceremonies, the Cubs announced a monetary contribution to create a monument for Burke on Boystown’s Legacy Walk.

The LA Dodgers deserve an award for courage, and the LGBTQ community should rally around them

No pro sports team has taken as much grief for supporting the LGBTQ community as the LA Dodgers.

Drag performers, nuns take center stage at Pride Night of Giants and Angels

One even threw out the first pitch, as the teams offered a refreshing change from the hate directed at drag performers in parts of the country.

San Francisco Giants wore Pride hats, used Pride bases and it went off without any hate

The Giants showed out to do Pride Night right, complete with a drag queen tossing the first pitch.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass apologizes for LGBTQ boycott, meets with Pride leader

Bass had shared a ‘boycott Target’ post. He’s now going on a listening and image-rehab tour.

Red Sox call up homophobic minor league pitcher less than a week before Pride Night

New Red Sox pitcher Matt Dermody once tweeted that gay people ‘will go to hell.’

29 MLB teams support their LGBTQ fans with Pride Nights in 2023

At a time when Pride celebrations are under siege, baseball is almost unanimous is celebrating our community. Hopefully all of them go well.

Sean Doolittle offers enthusiastic support for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Doolittle and the Washington Nationals step up for LGBTQ baseball fans to enhance MLB Pride.


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