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Major League Baseball

Red Sox rookie Triston Casas rocks painted fingernails and helps give baseball a more inclusive image

By proudly vowing to wear nail polish on the field, Casas joins a list of baseball figures changing the stereotypically macho image of MLB players for the better.

Minor League Baseball player Anderson Comas comes out as gay with support from White Sox

Anderson Comas came out to the White Sox last year and has widespread support across the organization.

Former MLB pitcher TJ House celebrates Respect for Marriage Act with coming out Facebook post

House is the 3rd MLB player to come out publicly. He was invited to the White House for the signing of the Respect For Marriage Act.

Phillies and Astros face off in a 2022 World Series of LGBTQ progress

While both Houston and Philadelphia have had their homophobic nadirs, the Fall Classic finds both teams on the right side of history. Here’s the 2022 LGBTQ World Series Preview.

The magical experience of Out at Wrigley

My first experience sitting with the group during Out at Wrigley brought me the kind of joy I haven’t experienced during the 2022 Cubs baseball season.

Texas Rangers sponsor this year’s Gay Softball World Series in Dallas

Although the Rangers are a Platinum Sponsor for the GSWS, their reluctance to publicize it is indicative of their approach to their LGBTQ fans.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby went to 6 Pride Nights this season. This is what he saw

As baseball evolves, Ruby sees first-hand why more LGBTQ visibility and advocacy are needed in his sport.

Dale Scott’s Pride Night tour shows LGBTQ fans feeling more welcomed

The gay former umpire visited eight Pride Nights and saw how baseball teams are building a sense of community among their LGBTQ fans.

Red Sox and Mets give drag queens a chance to shine during Pride Night celebrations

At a time when the drag community is under attack, the Sox and Mets show their support for the art form.

28.5 MLB teams announce Pride Nights, unveiling some killer swag

From rainbow hoodies to pregame dance parties to Dale Scott’s first pitch tour, 28ish teams are celebrating MLB Pride. Take a wild guess whom we’re still waiting on.

Red Sox great Kevin Youkilis says he hopes any gay teammates knew he would be in their corner

Youkilis says LGBTQ inclusion isn’t about celebrating Pride Night. It’s about how people live their lives.

Umpires in Dodgers-Giants game wear Pride hats, likely a first for pro sports

Every person participating on the field at the Giants’ Pride Day - players, coaches and umpires - wore a Pride insignia on their cap.

Some Tampa Bay Rays players refused to wear a Pride rainbow, say they reject gay ‘behavior’

With players citing ‘Jesus’ in rejecting the Pride rainbow, Rays management should be ashamed of the disaster they created.

Dodgers have sold over 18k Pride Night tickets, shattering pro sports record

The LA Dodgers annually host the largest Pride Night in all of sports. Their game on June 3 is nearly sold out.

Dodgers’ Pride Night first pitch to honor Glenn Burke’s legacy

The Burke family’s first pitch is an indication that although it took decades, the Dodgers are finally dedicated to elevating a trailblazing gay athlete’s legacy.

Ex-trainer alleges Chicago White Sox fired him because he is gay

Brian Ball is suing the club, but the White Sox deny all charges of discrimination.

Dodgers and Giants will both wear rainbow Pride caps in an MLB first

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will meet on June 11, both donning rainbow logos.

Dodgers are hosting their Pride Night this season in honor of Glenn Burke

Burke’s family members will throw out the first pitch, and players will wear special Pride jerseys.

Dale Scott’s autobiography as an openly gay MLB umpire is a winner

In recounting how he came out as gay while still an active MLB umpire, Dale Scott is easy to root for.

‘Dale, we know you’re gay. We don’t care.’ How a Major League Baseball umpire came out

Former MLB umpire Dale Scott, in an excerpt from his new book, recounts how he came out as gay in baseball first and then the world.

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Who is the real Thom Brennaman, and does he deserve a second chance?

LGBTQ leaders share insights about the man they’ve gotten to know, both before and since he used the gay slur heard ‘round the sports world.

Good on the Red Sox for immediately releasing this racist and homophobic prospect

The Red Sox released Brett Netzer after the infielder went on a hateful social media tirade.

Dusty Baker’s allyship is the most inspiring LGBTQ story of the 2021 World Series

While both the Astros and Braves have sometimes had problematic histories, Baker’s embrace and mentorship of Glenn Burke makes him worthy of our admiration.

Rangers and Braves drop the ball for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, while Astros get a save

Many in the sports world stepped up for LGBTQ youth on Spirit Day, but the Rangers and Braves weren’t having it.

Red Sox are using an iconic gay pop anthem as their rallying cry 

This postseason, the Red Sox haven’t been afraid to dance on their own.

Kiké Hernández goes from Bend & Snap sensation to Red Sox postseason hero

While all of MLB is talking about Hernández’s scintillating October, gay baseball fans knew he was going to be a star two years ago.

Here are the MLB Playoff teams ranked by Pride swag

Surprise! The Giants are going to do really well on this list.

SF Giants clinch playoff berth after showing MLB how Pride should be done

The Giants’ LGBTQ outreach demonstrates how a team adopting a 21st century mentality can be successful both on and off the field.

Bryan Ruby sings National Anthem at Dodgers game days after coming out

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby is also a songwriter. His story as a gay athlete is inspiring others.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

Gay Dodgers senior VP Erik Braverman proposed to his boyfriend, and Jonathan said “YES!”

Erik Braverman proposed to Jonathan Cottrell. Now the boyfriends are engaged to marry.

Here are all of the 2021 Pride Nights in Major League Baseball

Currently, 23 teams have a Pride Night on their 2021 promotional calendars. There will probably be more and we’ll keep this list updated.