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Major League Baseball

Bryan Ruby sings National Anthem at Dodgers game days after coming out

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby is also a songwriter. His story as a gay athlete is inspiring others.

Each of America’s big 5 sports currently has an out gay man in the pros. That’s never happened

For the first time, pro baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer has an out gay male player under contract.

Gay Dodgers senior VP Erik Braverman proposed to his boyfriend, and Jonathan said “YES!”

Erik Braverman proposed to Jonathan Cottrell. Now the boyfriends are engaged to marry.

Here are all of the 2021 Pride Nights in Major League Baseball

Currently, 23 teams have a Pride Night on their 2021 promotional calendars. There will probably be more and we’ll keep this list updated.

Trans MLB photographer threw out the first pitch for Diamondbacks Pride Night one year after coming out

After years of battling inner-turmoil, Danielle Cortez is thriving as an openly transgender woman working in baseball.

SF Giants donate rainbow Pride cap to Baseball Hall of Fame

Gabe Kapler wore a rainbow Pride cap while managing this past Saturday’s game. Following his donation, it will become part of baseball history in Cooperstown.

How the Red Sox, who were the last team to integrate, became champions of LGBTQ Pride

Red Sox Pride Night returns after a one-year hiatus.

LA Dodgers have sold over 8,000 LGBTQ+ Night tickets, pro sports’ biggest Pride celebration

Pride Night attendees will make up about half of the fans at the Dodgers Pride Night game on June 11.

Oakland A’s rename Pride Night after Glenn Burke

The Athletics keep Burke’s name alive for future generations and honor a trailblazing LGBTQ athlete.

SF Giants celebrate Pride by incorporating the rainbow into their cap logos

Longtime supporters of the LGBTQ community, the Giants make Pride colors a prominent part of their uniforms on Saturday.

Out gay Mets fan for life: How can you partner with Chick-fil-A?

A lifelong gay Mets fan wrote this plea to the team to end its promotion with the controversial fast-food restaurant chain, and he demands MLB step in.

MLB shows NCAA what it should do to hate states targeting trans student-athletes

While the NCAA watches states ban trans girls and women. MLB took action against Georgia for restricting voting rights, pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta.

Sing along with these out MLB folks: ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’

The Sports Equality Foundation celebrates Opening Day of Major League Baseball by inviting some of the out LGBTQ people from MLB to sing the national pastime’s official song.

LGBTQ guide to the Major League Baseball season

A co-founder of LGBTQ baseball groups on Facebook previews all 30 MLB teams, with a surprise champion.

It’s time for an active player to come out. Baseball needs it

On Opening Day, it feels like MLB needs more humanity. And an active player coming out would provide that very quality.

‘Singled Out’ shines in depicting Glenn Burke’s heroism and his tragic end

Andrew Maraniss’s new biography places Glenn Burke in his proper trailblazing context and shows how 1970s-era baseball conspired against him.

On Deck today: Amanda Nunes, Charlie Martin, John Olbrys and Joe DiMaggio

On Deck Circle is a round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

This week’s winners in LGBTQ sports roar in like a Lioness

Each and every Saturday, our managing editor reviews the top Outsports stories of the past 7 days and decides who won, and who lost.

On Deck today: Andy Towle, Sue Bird, Rep. Angie Craig, Russell T Davies, Luka Doncic

On Deck Circle is a round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

Read an exclusive excerpt from Singled Out: The True Story of Glenn Burke

The New York Times bestselling author Andrew Maraniss wrote a new biography of Glenn Burke, the first openly gay player in MLB.

We celebrated Black lesbian gay bisexual trans sports history every day for Black History Month

Every day in February, Outsports marked Black History Month by highlighting the contributions of Black, out LGBTQ sports athletes.

Gay umpire Dale Scott reflects on the impact of telling his coming out story

Dale Scott didn’t plan on his coming up affecting so many lives for the better. But doing so as an active umpire made him a national story and earned him numerous fans.

Gay Diamondbacks executive Nona Lee leads team’s push for LGBTQ inclusion

Over two decades, Lee has witnessed baseball becoming more LGBTQ friendly. Now, through D-backs for Change, she’s helping the game embrace our community even more.

For once, let’s not allow Spring Training to obscure MLB’s privilege problem

Current sexual harassment revelations should inspire us to keep demand MLB’s ensure a better game for all marginalized groups — including LGBTQ fans.

Look at who’s in today’s On Deck Circle, a new daily feature

On Deck Circle is a daily round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

LGBTQ Sports winners and losers for this new era

Events on the world stage have overshadowed these last seven days of LGBTQ sports.

Hank Aaron embodied what athletes endured to fight for a better world

Aaron will forever be associated with home runs and social justice. When those two worlds collided, with society at its ugliest, he persevered and emerged a hero.

Mets firing GM Jared Porter is good for MLB and for all women

Sexual harassment has no place in baseball or any workplace, and believe me: if queer women want to see your dick pics, we’ll ask.

Why are there so few out LGBTQ sports broadcasters?

With the LGBTQ community being represented in so many aspects of sports, the lack of out play-by-play voices is striking.

Tommy Lasorda should’ve followed Minnie Miñoso’s example of supporting his gay son

Lasorda and Miñoso are baseball legends from the same era. But while Minnie learned how to love his son, Tommy remained stuck in the past.

Tommy Lasorda has died, never having admitted the truth about his gay son

Two days after Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda was discharged from a hospital in Orange County, Calif., he died at his home in Fullerton, Calif. His son, Tom Jr., died of complications related to AIDS in 1991.

Here’s a great way to start 2021: Come out

It’s a new year! Unfortunately, Some of 2020’s worst problems followed us into 2021, like the dearth of out pro male athletes. A New Year’s message from the managing editor.


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