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Bi Pride Day salute to Olympic volleyball champ Haleigh Washington

Haleigh has already earned her gold medal. It’s time she was given her flowers too.

At least 186 out LGBTQ athletes were at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, more than triple the number in Rio

There were more out LGBTQ athletes in Tokyo than all the previous Summer Olympics combined. Here’s the list.

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This gay reporter spent 51 straight days in Tokyo covering the Olympics and Paralympics

CBC’s Devin Heroux says he can’t compare the experience to anything he’s ever done.

Asia hosts 2 Olympics, 2 Paralympics and the Gay Games in 16 months. What’s the impact?

Amazin LeThi has hope that hosting so many events in Asia in a short period of time helps people in those countries and beyond.

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Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and LGBTQ inclusion

There are a record number of out LGBTQ athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. We’ll cover all the news.

These two Olympic medalists confirmed their love with this cute, casual photo

Lauren Price and Karriss Artingstall talked about their "partner" and "first house" they bought together.


Stories about LGBTQ athletes at the OIympics.

Out Olympian brutally attacked on the street, sent to the hospital for surgery, in likely random attack

Jack Woolley is in a hospital in Dublin on Saturday awaiting surgery after what appears to be a random attack.

There are 564 known LGBTQ athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games

42% of known LGBTQ Summer Olympians have won a medal. Historian Tony Scupham-Bilton shares the names.

Tom Daley and Matty Lee’s synchronized diving gold tops any individual medal

In spite of conventional wisdom, the skill and aesthetics required to win a synchro gold make it the most impressive diving achievement.

Team LGBTQ won more medals than every single country that criminalizes homosexuality

A moment of pride for the LGBTQ community, as 57 out athletes won at least 33 different Olympic medals.

Team LGBTQ finishes 7th in the Olympics medal count, a testament to being out

Publicly out LGBTQ athletes collectively finished 7th, ahead of France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Brazil.

10 stories that capture the Tokyo Olympics for the LGBTQ community

GLAAD and Outsports bring you our list of the LGBTQ Tokyo Olympics stories that capture our movement.

Belgian sports journalist suspended after homophobia against the Olympic women’s hoops squad

Players crack back on commentator Eddy Demarez for calling one of their teammates "a man" as the team returned from Tokyo.

Kristie Mewis is dating Sam Kerr, now one of sports’ LGBTQ power couples

During the Olympics about 30 people asked us to add Mewis to our list of out athletes. Now we can.

Quinn, Alana Smith represent non-binary Olympic excellence

Despite moments of erasure and disrespect, Quinn and Alana Smith showed that non-binary athletes belong on the Olympic stage and aren’t going anywhere.

Top 7 LGBTQ moments of the Tokyo Olympics

With a record number of out LGBTQ Olympians, these Olympics had some amazing moments.

32% of out LGBTQ Olympians won a medal in Tokyo. That’s a very high number

Being out helps athletes perform better on the court, track and field. That is becoming more and more clear.

LGBTQ stars lead U.S. women’s basketball team to 7th straight Olympic gold medal

Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi each won their fifth gold medals.

Team France sends off LGBTQ icons Leynaud, Lacrabère with Olympic handball gold

In what was likely the final Olympics for longtime out LGBTQ Team France players Amandine Leynaud and Alexandra Lacrabère, France finally won handball gold.

Boxer Kellie Harrington an out Irish Olympic hero with gold medal win

Kellie Harrington topped Brazil’s Beatriz Ferreira by unanimous decision Sunday, becoming the second Irish woman to win Olympic boxing gold.

Ramsey Angela won a surprise silver medal 6 months after ‘coming out’ on Instagram

Ramsey Angela was the anchor leg for the Dutch men’s 4x400-meter team.

Meet the only out Olympic athlete born in Mexico

Rut Castillo is also lone out rhythmic gymnast who competed in Tokyo.

Tom Daley wins bronze in 10m Platform and thanks his husband

Daley’s bronze completes his comeback from Rio and cements his status as a hero of the Tokyo Olympics.

Olympic diver Jordan Windle writes children’s book with his gay dad

'An Orphan No More' tells the story of a father and an orphan who don't look the same. It's the story of Jerry and Jordan Windle.

Olympic marathoner Aoife Cooke is out and representing Ireland in Tokyo

Aoife Cooke competed for Arkansas Tech. Now she will rep Ireland as an out athlete at the Olympics.

Gabriela Debues-Stafford’s hair embraced the LGBTQ community despite Olympic rules

Her rainbow-dyed hair in the 1500-meter was the perfect answer to the Olympic ban on speech and demonstrations.

Canada, with 5 out players and an out coach, win soccer gold as Quinn wins historic medal

Quinn is first trans Olympic medalist, helping Canada go from worst to first in just 10 years.

Quinn’s Olympics: They made history and they had game

Quinn is trans non-binary Canadian midfielder made history. They also made plays that helped Canada mine Olympic gold

Where are the out male Olympians?

The dearth of out LGBTQ men competing in Tokyo shows how far male sports still have to go.

This Olympic couple just won bronze in women’s field hockey

Great Britain defeated India for the bronze medal, giving Sarah Jones and Leah Wilkinson a lifelong memory.

Here are three athletes to watch during Olympic Men’s Platform Diving

Tom Daley, Jordan Windle and Timo Barthel all hold particular interest for LGBTQ fans.

Gay Olympian Tom Bosworth cries, thanks supporters in emotional post-race video

The British race-walker delivered one of the most poignant moments of the entire Olympics.

Olympic Diver Jordan Windle has stood up for gay athletes after being bullied himself

Jordan Windle is straight but has a gay dad. Now with Greg Louganis’ help, he’s competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Gay historian on why and how he compiles his list of LGBTQ Olympians

Tony Scupham-Bilton has been building his list of LGBTQ Olympians for a decade.

USWNT earns bronze medal redemption with win over Australia

The U.S. women’s team broke through a week of uncertainty to once again prove why they deserve to be at the podium.

Judy Shepard elated to see all the out Olympians, only wishes society could welcome more

Shepard has been fighting for LGBTQ acceptance for 23 years and is proud to see out Olympians doing the same.

LGBTQ Olympians ‘perverts’ and ‘abomination,’ Russian state TV says

Russian state TV can’t stand the fact that a record number of LGBTQ Olympians are out and proud.

This out sailor thought about retiring. Instead, she won silver

Jolanta Ogar of Poland captured her first medal in her third and probably final Olympic Games.


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