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Michael Spencer has represented Gus Kenworthy through coming out and the Olympics

Spencer is passionate about working with great athletes. He also wants to empower the entire LGBTQ community.

Karina Manta’s new book, On Top of Glass, shares stories of her skating life and teenage girlhood

Manta is out in figure skating and sharing her stories and insights in her new book.

This gay reporter spent 51 straight days in Tokyo covering the Olympics and Paralympics

CBC’s Devin Heroux says he can’t compare the experience to anything he’s ever done.

What is Paralympics ‘inspiration porn’ and why does it make some disabled people uneasy?

John Dickinson-Lilley talks about how he cringes when Paralympic athletes in particular are pointed to as ‘inspirations.’

Asia hosts 2 Olympics, 2 Paralympics and the Gay Games in 16 months. What’s the impact?

Amazin LeThi has hope that hosting so many events in Asia in a short period of time helps people in those countries and beyond.

Olympic marathoner Aoife Cooke is out and representing Ireland in Tokyo

Aoife Cooke competed for Arkansas Tech. Now she will rep Ireland as an out athlete at the Olympics.

Olympic Diver Jordan Windle has stood up for gay athletes after being bullied himself

Jordan Windle is straight but has a gay dad. Now with Greg Louganis’ help, he’s competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

These 2 Olympic softball players are engaged to marry. They will play against each other in Tokyo, July 23

Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester are in love, at the top of their games, and they both want an Olympic gold medal.

Emma Twigg will compete in her 4th Olympic Games, but her 1st as an out athlete

When Emma Twigg married, she became present with the importance of returning to the Olympics as an out athlete.

Kayla Miracle is the first out LGBTQ Olympic wrestler, and she’s headed to Tokyo

Kayla Miracle has dreamed of representing Team USA an Olympian since she was 4. She’ll fulfill that dream in Tokyo.

This gay Mexican surfer used Hula-Hooping to start his new life

When Adan Carano found himself stranded in a Mexican resort town, he picked up his surfboard and hoop.

When this gay sports radio host came out, it saved his career

Jared Max thought publicly coming out as gay would ruin him professionally. Ten years later, he says it was the best thing he’s ever done.

A record 9 trans athletes are aiming for the Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games

At least nine trans athletes are hoping to earn a spot in Tokyo as the first-ever group of out trans Olympians and Paralympians.

After not feeling ‘queer enough’ kept him closeted, pro wrestler Logan Black found camaraderie in coming out

Out pro wrestler Logan Black found the response to his coming out ‘overwhelming in the best way.’

Hear Caitlyn Jenner say she was ‘all for trans inclusion’ in sports before she flip-flopped

In a 2020 interview with the Outsports podcast The Trans Sporter Room, Jenner said ‘Every trans person should have an opportunity to compete.’

This non-binary and asexual sportswriter sees the power in sharing her story

At Sports Illustrated, Julie Kliegman’s coverage goes far beyond the X’s and O’s.

Author Julia Serano counters anti-transgender backlash with cautious optimism

The author of the iconic book on trans life, "Whipping Girl," beams up to The Trans Sporter Room podcast to discuss writing and the reality of being trans in 2021 America.

A gay polyamorous storyline empowered out wrestler Leo London to come out publicly

Canadian/Greek pro wrestler Leo London’s time in The Gentlemen’s Club stable helped him see the importance of actual LGBTQ people portraying LGBTQ characters in wrestling.

Gay basketball player goes from Christian college to Fire Island

Jallen Messersmith was once told to remove the Pride flag from his dorm room. Now, he waves it all summer long on Fire Island.

This pro fighter is a proud drag queen

Diego Garijo carries the same confidence whether he’s taping up his fingers to fight or putting on heels to perform on stage.

Sheena Lawrick played in two Olympics. She’s talking for the first time about being gay

Sheena Lawrick was out at Nebraska and Team Canada. Now she’s married and raising a family, skipping Olympics No. 3.

This gay surfer started an OnlyFans page to feel sexy, and it’s working

Nick Vallejo finds inner-peace in the ocean and confidence in front of the camera.

Gay science expert and former powerlifter weighs-in on trans student-athlete debate

Justin Gibson (a.k.a. ‘Jangles ScienceLad’) has a master’s degree in biomechanics, experience as a trainer and the gift of gab. This week, he helped Outsports dispel the myths about trans athletes.

New children’s book ‘Proud To Play’ highlights Canadian LGBTQ sports heroes

‘Proud To Play’ shares the stories of LGBTQ athletes and coaches building inclusion.

When this All-American came out to her team, a ‘rainbow volcano’ erupted

During her senior year at UMass Amherst, lacrosse star Sarah Crowley came out, and five teammates followed suit.

Conor McDermott-Mostowy just won 2 US Championships. Now he’s coming out as gay.

McDermott-Mostowy competed for Team USA at the World Championships. He’s found acceptance in speed skating.

Gay rower was part of secret LGBTQ military network during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

John Olbrys is now living openly as an officer in the Coast Guard, continuing to row and now finding love.

On Deck today: Amanda Nunes, Charlie Martin, John Olbrys and Joe DiMaggio

On Deck Circle is a round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

Gay SkySports editor Jon Holmes is opening minds in British sports with his stories

Jon Holmes has been publishing stories of LGBTQ people in British sports for several years.

This gay former college volleyball player is thriving on OnlyFans

Chance Wheeler says he’s gained self-confidence and purpose since opening his OnlyFans page.

On Deck today: Andy Towle, Sue Bird, Rep. Angie Craig, Russell T Davies, Luka Doncic

On Deck Circle is a round-up of what’s new in LGBTQ sports news along with today’s social media spotlight.

Gay umpire Dale Scott reflects on the impact of telling his coming out story

Dale Scott didn’t plan on his coming up affecting so many lives for the better. But doing so as an active umpire made him a national story and earned him numerous fans.


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