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New Formula One rule takes aim at Lewis Hamilton’s Pride helmet

The FIA enacts a new bylaw that would punish allies like Hamilton for supporting LGBTQ rights on the race track.

Now that Brittney Griner is free, will WNBA players return to Russia?

Despite Griner’s situation, some WNBA stars say they’re amenable to the idea.

Qatar’s World Cup ambassador says homosexuality is ‘damage in the mind’

Khalid Salman, a former Qatari soccer player, says visitors must respect Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ laws.

Steve Kornacki, our favorite gay politics and sports data guru, back in starring role in midterm elections

Steve Kornacki loves sports, but election day is his Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and World Series rolled into one.

Top U.K. official tells gay fans to tone it down in Qatar

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly says LGBTQ soccer fans should adhere to the host country’s atavistic values for the upcoming World Cup.

President Biden meets with Brittney Griner’s wife and Paul Whelan’s family

The White House reiterates to Cherelle Griner that bringing the WNBA star home from Russia is a "front of mind" priority.

Slur defaces campaign banner of gay candidate in Kansas City

Justice Horn, a former college wrestler, vows to fight harder after his LGBTQ-themed campaign banner is defaced.

Natasha Cloud’s voice centers the chorus of athletes calling for change after Uvalde

The star WNBA guard never shies away from speaking her mind.

Brian Sims, gay former college football captain, loses primary for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor

Sims was the first out gay elected representative in Pennsylvania history.

ESPN broadcasters protest Florida’s new controversial LGBTQ law during NCAA Women’s Tournament

The commentators held a moment of silence to show support for the LGBTQ community.

Most of the sports world remains silent on “Don’t Say Gay” bill

A few athletes and allies have spoken up on behalf of Florida’s LGBTQ kids, but we’re still waiting for many others to say anything.

As Beijing Olympics near, it’s time to sound the alarm about China’s ban on ‘Sissy Men’

The environment for LGBTQ people in China is becoming increasingly hostile.

LGBTQ Olympians urge world leaders to step up to combat against climate change

After scorching hot Tokyo Games, Tom Daley, Emma Twigg and Kristen Thomas join climate change PSA.

Caitlyn Jenner has work to do after betraying trans athletes during her campaign

With her gubernatorial hopes in tatters, it’s time for Jenner to do right by the trans athletes she threw under the bus.

Sue Bird and WNBA players now being criticized for honoring the National Anthem at Olympics

Sue Bird is right: Wearing USA on their jersey should impact how players approach the National Anthem.

Carl Nassib and Ashlyn Harris embody LGBTQ inclusion pillars of representation and activism

In an eventful 24 hours, Nassib breaks an NFL barrier by coming out while Harris stands up for Florida’s transgender community.

Biden administration issues Title IX guidance to protect trans athletes

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona instructs schools to use Title IX to provide LGBTQ-safe environments, after years of it being wielded against the trans community.

GLAAD spells out how trans athlete bans are bad for a state’s business

We already know trans athlete bans are harmful on a human rights level. And now they can hurt a state’s economy too.

Megan Rapinoe on politics and You Know Who

The out lesbian soccer star tells Caitlyn Jenner: "You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician."

The ban on this trans student-athlete in Idaho is up to the judges now

An inside look at Monday’s appeal hearing, which opened a week in which inclusion won two legislative fights, in Kansas and Louisiana.

Hear Caitlyn Jenner say she was ‘all for trans inclusion’ in sports before she flip-flopped

In a 2020 interview with the Outsports podcast The Trans Sporter Room, Jenner said ‘Every trans person should have an opportunity to compete.’

West Virginia governor signed an anti-trans girls athlete bill just because

Jim Justice admits there are zero examples an anti-trans bill is supposed to stop, but he signed it anyway.

Florida legislature sneaks trans athlete ban through at 11th hour; DeSantis vows to sign it

After a transgender athlete ban initially failed to pass, Florida politicians tack one on to an unrelated bill at the last minute.

That’s quite enough, Caitlyn Jenner. We’re done.

Olympian turned reality star Caitlyn Jenner told me just one year ago she’s not interested in politics. And now she wants to be governor? Bitch, please.

Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor

The Olympic great will challenge California Gov. Gavin Newsom in this year’s anticipated recall election.

Poll finds vast majority of Americans oppose anti-transgender athlete laws

Most Democrats — and Republicans — surveyed said they oppose trans athlete bans. But the vast majority of GOP respondents said they remain against trans athletes competing according to their gender identity.

Ryan Russell calls on athletes to fight trans bans: ‘Don’t let anyone use the games that we love for hate’

"To use sports to perpetuate hate is the exact opposite of what sports is all about," writes the former NFL player in a powerful op-ed.

Gay former college rugby player is now running for city clerk in Michigan

Taylor Vanderlaan wants to bring his push for equality to public office in Kentwood, Mich.

Cycling club supports trans community by withdrawing from Arkansas championship

By pulling out of Fayetteville-based championships, the Revolution Cycles Club sets a sterling example for the rest of the sports world.

Cisgender athlete advocates vs. trans inclusion activists, with girls caught in the middle

For the past two months, Outsports has been investigating claims by the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group and counter-claims by advocates for trans inclusion. Here’s what we found.

Who signed GLAAD’s letter in support of trans girls and women?

More than 465 superstars and everyday feminists added their names to the letter objecting to the targeting of trans women and girls.

Watch a conversation on inclusion in sports with trans, lesbian and straight athletes

The Sports Equality Foundation hosted a discussion of inclusion on TIkTok with trans athletes Mack Beggs, CeCé Telfer and Chris Mosier as well as lesbian former pro volleyball player Brooke Rundle and elite biathlete and straight ally Lucy Hochschartner.