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Carley Knox, Minnesota Lynx executive, named Grand Marshal of Twin Cities Pride

Knox has championed LGBTQ inclusion in her roles with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx.

The National Basketball League is surrounding itself with Pride basketballs and a ton of LGBTQ inclusive hope

The NBL and its 10 teams are all aligned to support LGBTQ inclusion this week.

Columbus Blue Jackets raffle Ivan Provorov ‘Hockey Is For Everyone’ jersey after player rejected LGBTQ Pride

Provorov last year refused to wear a Pride jersey, leading to an NHL ban of Pride jerseys.

No, hockey is not for everyone. Not yet.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns personally welcomed the crowd to Pride Night

Towns also invited the head of Twin Cities Pride to be his personal guest at the game.

A year after igniting NHL Pride jersey controversy, Flyers unite in Pride colors to support local LGBTQ Center

Players wore Pride jerseys to visit an LGBTQ center, and other players used Pride Tape on the ice.

When the New York Knicks held their Pride Night, there was celebration... and a bunch of trolls made fools of themselves

The Knicks and the LGBTQ community pushed through nonsense from homophobes.

Devils mascot wore Pride jersey on the ice, players used Pride Tape, at NHL Pride Night

Devils players wore colorful Pride jerseys as they entered the Prudential Center, with Devils and Oilers players using Pride Tape.

Fatboy Slim selects schoolgirl’s ‘rainbow drips’ shirt for Premier League club

The legendary DJ was part of the panel that chose the striking design to be specially made for Brighton’s Rainbow Laces home game.

49ers PRIDE fan group shows how teams can take LGBTQ engagement up a level

With the success of their Levi’s Stadium drag brunch, 49ers PRIDE provides a blueprint for establishing a meaningful connection to the LGBTQ community.

Utah and Cincinnati minor league hockey teams show the NHL that Pride jerseys are alive and well in 2023

The Utah Grizzlies and Cincinnati Cyclones pulled off successful Pride jersey promotions and gave the NHL yet another black eye.

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Triathlete comes out by hoisting Pride Flag at Ironman World Championship

Ashley Carter achieved a personal milestone in Kona and acknowledged how courage is contagious as she thanked a recent Outsports interviewee.

Erica Sullivan wears gay Speedo goggles with lesbian Pride flag at Pan Am Games

Olympic silver medalist Sullivan was proudly representing Team USA and Team LGBTQ in the women’s 1500-meter freestyle final at Santiago 2023.

NHL reverses Pride Tape ban, players can now ‘say gay’ on the ice, NHL confirms

The NHL did what it had to do, days ahead of the league’s first Pride Night of the season.

Tale of the tape takes new twist ahead of Arizona Coyotes’ Pride Night

Gary Bettman wanted to "take the distraction away," but the NHL’s Pride Tape ban only created a new one until the inevitable U-turn happened Tuesday.

Scotiabank raised Pride Tape’s profile with giveaway throughout Canada

In spite of the NHL’s previous ban, the promotion was more evidence that Pride Tape’s popularity continues to grow.

Arizona Coyotes player Travis Dermott used Pride Tape, has ‘shed tears’ about the NHL ban

Dermott used the tape on his stick during the game, creating an utter disaster for the NHL.

Out gay athlete Daniel Arcos raises Pride flag at Pan American Games in Chile

The basketball player, who came out publicly in 2020, was cheered by his teammates and the crowd during the Santiago 2023 opening ceremony.

NHL ‘Player Inclusion Coalition’ doesn’t include a single out gay or bi man

Why has the NHL excluded gay and bi men from its ‘player inclusion coalition’?

Sharks coach David Quinn supports players using Pride Tape despite NHL ban

NBC Sports’ Tara Slone reported on Quinn’s ‘unequivocal’ support for players using Pride Tape.

Are the NHL and NHLPA in talks to allow Pride Tape one week a year?

According to reports, the NHL is reconsidering its ban on Pride Tape and other forms of on-ice player expression.

Pride House aims to be in every World Cup 2026 host city

Agreements have already been struck with local organizations in nine cities, including Miami, Florida, and Houston, Texas — but will Los Angeles still be a host in 2026?

NHL players continue to speak out against the league’s Pride Tape ban

The NHL tried to avoid a "distraction" by banning Pride Tape. Now, that’s all the league has created as players express disappointment.

Gay former college hockey player calls NHL Pride Tape ban ‘totally absurd’

Adam Fyrer wants to see the NHL allow individual expression with stick tape, to support LGBTQ athletes.

Two NHL players are now talking publicly about using Pride Tape ‘anyway’

Two NHL players have now publicly questioned the league’s ability to stop them from using Pride Tape.

NHL players should gear up to use Pride Tape despite league ban

Stars like Connor McDavid, Jack Hughes and others could stand up for LGBTQ inclusion in hockey by using Pride Tape in defiance of the NHL’s ban. They might do just that.

Baseball Hall of Fame President Josh Rawitch details how Cooperstown has embraced LGBTQ fans

Pride is an important aspect of baseball history and because of that, it’s also on display at the Hall of Fame.

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Zander Murray feels ‘powerful’ a year after coming out as gay

Exclusive: The Scottish striker is one of very few active male pro soccer players anywhere in the world to be out as LGBTQ. He talks to Outsports ahead of the U.K.’s Football Pride event.

IMPACT Wrestling to host major televised pro wrestling’s first Pride Night

IMPACT Wrestling will become the first major televised pro wrestling promotion to host a Pride Night on July 16 in Windsor, Ontario.

For Pride 2024, it’s time for the White Sox to hold Disco Appreciation Night

For decades, the White Sox have been associated with the anti-gay Disco Demolition Night. Pride 2024 would be the perfect opportunity to correct that.

Orioles dedicate entire Twitter feed to LGBTQ allyship for Pride Night

In addition to onfield celebrations, the Orioles commemorated Pride by turning their Twitter over to LGBTQ resources, facts, and statistics.

Dennis Rodman wore a skirt and walked in the Houston Pride March

Rodman, an NBA legend, has long shared support for the LGBTQ community.