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Hockey’s Kalamazoo Wings celebrate Pride Night by clapping back at homophobic tweet

After a fan vowed not to attend games as long as the Kalamazoo Wings featured a rainbow logo, the team’s Twitter account informed him he wouldn’t be missed.

Hockey is not for everyone. Not yet. And we’re getting there.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

More and more athletes refuse to wear rainbow Pride uniforms. They miss the point.

Anti-gay athletes in baseball, soccer, hockey and rugby have missed the point of rainbow uniforms.

Ivan Provorov refuses to wear Flyers Pride jersey, NHL & coach stand by player

Ivan Provorov played in a game despite refusing to wear a Pride rainbow jersey, in a show of defiance against LGBT fans.

New Snapchat filter enables World Cup fans to post virtual Pride rainbows from Qatar

Thanks to the Pride Nation filter, soccer fans are using augmented reality to show their support for the LGBTQ community while watching the World Cup.

This gay British sports minister stood up to Qatar and FIFA and wore rainbows at the World Cup

Great Britain’s Stuart Andrew showed his Pride with a rainbow necktie and One Love armband while watching England vs. Wales.

Germany and world leaders ‘screw FIFA’ with Pride rainbow at World Cup amidst outcry

Defiant against FIFA and Qatar, German players and other dignitaries show support for inclusion and the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ baseball gods exact October vengeance on the Rays following their Pride Night fiasco

Want to make it past the first round in October? Don’t rip the rainbow Pride logo off of your jerseys.

UMass Football is hosting its Pride Day against Liberty

The Minutemen will celebrate their LGBTQ fans when they host Liberty Oct. 8.

The magical experience of Out at Wrigley

My first experience sitting with the group during Out at Wrigley brought me the kind of joy I haven’t experienced during the 2022 Cubs baseball season.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby went to 6 Pride Nights this season. This is what he saw

As baseball evolves, Ruby sees first-hand why more LGBTQ visibility and advocacy are needed in his sport.

Dale Scott’s Pride Night tour shows LGBTQ fans feeling more welcomed

The gay former umpire visited eight Pride Nights and saw how baseball teams are building a sense of community among their LGBTQ fans.

Out pro wrestlers racked up titles during Pride month

Keita, Dark Sheik, Brittany Wonder, Priscilla and many other out wrestlers keep bringing pro wrestling gold to the rainbow coalition during Pride month.

Join Outsports at New York City Pride this Friday!

Join Outsports at NYC Pride on June 24 for a storytelling event, as we highlight inspiring and powerful voices.

Red Sox and Mets give drag queens a chance to shine during Pride Night celebrations

At a time when the drag community is under attack, the Sox and Mets show their support for the art form.

28.5 MLB teams announce Pride Nights, unveiling some killer swag

From rainbow hoodies to pregame dance parties to Dale Scott’s first pitch tour, 28ish teams are celebrating MLB Pride. Take a wild guess whom we’re still waiting on.

Pitcher Liam Hendriks reveals Pride Night played a role in contract negotiations

Through his support for our community, Sox closer also demonstrates the impact that being a good ally can have on LGBTQ fans and players.

Here are 16 LGBTQ-led or Pride-themed pro wrestling events during 2022 Pride

From the first LGBTQ wrestling festival to a Hoodslam doubleheader to shows without rings, Pride month is stacked when it comes to pro wrestling.

This LGBTQ sports fan feels fear watching attacks on sports’ embrace of Pride

I understand some fans’ discomfort with Pride. Can they understand what their actions do to me?

How a high school teacher showed this gay tennis player the beauty of being LGBTQ

Letter to an LGBTQ role model: When Nick Lee came out as gay in high school, Emily Dombroff provided him with the safe space he needed.

Commonwealth Games Pride House aims to provide safe space for LGBTQ athletes and activism

Pride House welcomes out athletes, including those from 36 countries where homosexuality is criminalized.

Umpires in Dodgers-Giants game wear Pride hats, likely a first for pro sports

Every person participating on the field at the Giants’ Pride Day - players, coaches and umpires - wore a Pride insignia on their cap.

Rays pitcher Jason Adam’s homophobia undercuts every message of welcome on Pride Night

Adam’s message about our ‘lifestyle’ reinforces an ugly stereotype about how athletes view the LGBTQ community.

How NBA Hall of Famer Rick Welts inspired gay basketball coach Matt Lynch

Letter to an LGBTQ role model: After coming out as gay, coach Matt Lynch connected with Rick Welts, who has become an inspiration.

Some Tampa Bay Rays players refused to wear a Pride rainbow, say they reject gay ‘behavior’

With players citing ‘Jesus’ in rejecting the Pride rainbow, Rays management should be ashamed of the disaster they created.

Dodgers have sold over 18k Pride Night tickets, shattering pro sports record

The LA Dodgers annually host the largest Pride Night in all of sports. Their game on June 3 is nearly sold out.

Dodgers’ Pride Night first pitch to honor Glenn Burke’s legacy

The Burke family’s first pitch is an indication that although it took decades, the Dodgers are finally dedicated to elevating a trailblazing gay athlete’s legacy.

Elena Delle Donne inspired this young gay athlete to ‘love basketball again’

Letter to an LGBTQ role model: Runner Susie Poore tells Elena Delle Donne how much she inspired her.

Dodgers/Giants rivalry shows how rainbow caps can spread throughout MLB

The popularity of the Giants’ rainbow SF caps meant that we’d soon be seeing Pride LA caps too. Here’s how that trend can continue to grow.

Dodgers and Giants will both wear rainbow Pride caps in an MLB first

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will meet on June 11, both donning rainbow logos.

Yes, Twitter trolls, MLB already has Christian Nights and Straight Nights

Twitter trolls love to ask "When’s hetero night?" whenever a team announces a Pride Day. So we thought we’d answer them once and for all.

DHL, Andretti Autosport to run special Pride livery at Indy 500

The sponsor’s rainbow logo that debuted last season will be back for IndyCar’s biggest event.