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Washington Spirit host largest drag show in league history

The NWSL club hosted over a dozen drag queens for halftime.

All 21 LGBTQ-led or Pride-themed pro wrestling events during 2023 Pride

From the San Francisco Bay to the U.K., pro wrestling and Pride are mingling for some superb pro wrestling shows highlighting the LGBTQ community.

29 MLB teams support their LGBTQ fans with Pride Nights in 2023

At a time when Pride celebrations are under siege, baseball is almost unanimous is celebrating our community. Hopefully all of them go well.

A grand journey to Grand Marshal shows the power of Pride for this trans woman

A surprise Pride honor for Outsports’ Karleigh Webb also made a prediction come to pass.

The NFL has released an entire line of Pride items, including a half-rainbow football

The NFL front office has stood for LGBTQ inclusion in football for years. This is the latest effort.

Sean Doolittle offers enthusiastic support for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Doolittle and the Washington Nationals step up for LGBTQ baseball fans to enhance MLB Pride.

French Open celebrates Pride Day and 10 years of marriage equality

Roland-Garros will light up courts and fans with rainbow Pride lighting and temporary tattoos.

How Power 5 schools have so far celebrated Pride Month (or not) on Twitter

35 college Twitter athletic accounts celebrated Pride Month, while 30 have not. Four stood out. The SEC was mostly missing in action.

IMPACT Wrestling celebrates LGBTQ inclusion with first Pride month photoshoot

The photo collection, featuring out stars Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal, is available for purchase with a portion donated to NAGAAA and The Trevor Project.

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman tweets support for Pride Month in baseball, donation to charities

Stroman’s words of encouragement could not come at a better time.

Clayton Kershaw’s criticism of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence overlooks the reasons behind their drag

The Dodgers All-Star misses all the great work the Sisters have done because he can’t get over their nuns’ costumes.

Sorry Newsmax, there’s a lot that’s gay about baseball—and it’s amazing

Right wing pundit Greg Kelly got all hot and bothered about Dodgers Pride Night. He won’t be the last.

Dodgers reinvite drag nun group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Pride Night

This Sisters have accepted the invitation to celebrate their decades-long ‘life-saving work’ for the LGBTQ community.

Why MLB caving to anti-gay bigots saddens but doesn’t surprise this lapsed Catholic fan

Seeing the Catholic League’s outrage machine shut down part of the Dodgers’ Pride celebration called up some painful memories of growing up in the church.

Catholic League and Sen. Marco Rubio launch holy war against Dodgers Pride Night and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters have ministered to AIDS patients in the 1980s and underserved groups since then. Catholics are apparently angry about this.

Los Angeles Dodgers again set to host sports’ largest Pride Night of the year, June 16

A quarter to a third of Dodger Stadium will likely be part of LGBTQ Pride Night when they host the Giants.

The A’s need to continue honoring Glenn Burke even after moving to Las Vegas

In order to continue honoring his barrier-breaking legacy, Glenn Burke Pride Night needs to be a part of any move to Las Vegas.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby fought with others to preserve Pride in his home state, and won

Ruby campaigned with other LGBTQ advocates for Pride to survive in Franklin, Tenn.

Luke Prokop’s teammates put rainbow tape on their sticks to support him during fan-thrown Pride Night

The Seattle Thunderbirds players, most of whom are teenagers, showed incredible courage.

19 San Jose Sharks players wear Pride Night jersey, 1 does not

Team captain Logan Couture celebrates "extremely important night," while James Reimer cites Jesus Christ in refusing to wear the jersey.

Large majority of Australian rugby club bosses oppose Pride celebrations in the NRL

Just in time for Sydney WorldPride, a survey found that most bosses in Australia’s NRL oppose celebrating LGBTQ people on the pitch.

Hockey’s Kalamazoo Wings celebrate Pride Night by clapping back at homophobic tweet

After a fan vowed not to attend games as long as the Kalamazoo Wings featured a rainbow logo, the team’s Twitter account informed him he wouldn’t be missed.

Hockey is not for everyone. Not yet. And we’re getting there.

Ivan Provorov’s rejection of the LGBT community, with the blessing of the NHL and Flyers, shows we’re not there yet.

More and more athletes refuse to wear rainbow Pride uniforms. They miss the point.

Anti-gay athletes in baseball, soccer, hockey and rugby have missed the point of rainbow uniforms.

Ivan Provorov refuses to wear Flyers Pride jersey, NHL & coach stand by player

Ivan Provorov played in a game despite refusing to wear a Pride rainbow jersey, in a show of defiance against LGBT fans.

New Snapchat filter enables World Cup fans to post virtual Pride rainbows from Qatar

Thanks to the Pride Nation filter, soccer fans are using augmented reality to show their support for the LGBTQ community while watching the World Cup.

This gay British sports minister stood up to Qatar and FIFA and wore rainbows at the World Cup

Great Britain’s Stuart Andrew showed his Pride with a rainbow necktie and One Love armband while watching England vs. Wales.

Germany and world leaders ‘screw FIFA’ with Pride rainbow at World Cup amidst outcry

Defiant against FIFA and Qatar, German players and other dignitaries show support for inclusion and the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ baseball gods exact October vengeance on the Rays following their Pride Night fiasco

Want to make it past the first round in October? Don’t rip the rainbow Pride logo off of your jerseys.

UMass Football is hosting its Pride Day against Liberty

The Minutemen will celebrate their LGBTQ fans when they host Liberty Oct. 8.

The magical experience of Out at Wrigley

My first experience sitting with the group during Out at Wrigley brought me the kind of joy I haven’t experienced during the 2022 Cubs baseball season.

Gay pro baseball player Bryan Ruby went to 6 Pride Nights this season. This is what he saw

As baseball evolves, Ruby sees first-hand why more LGBTQ visibility and advocacy are needed in his sport.


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