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Journalist Matt Napolitano, a rising gay star in radio and sports media, has died

Napolitano was a well-liked, well-regarded member of the sports and radio teams at Fox News.

Celebrating Alex Reimer’s first year at Outsports

Today marks one year that Outsports readers have enjoyed the contributions of our deputy managing editor, Alex Reimer!

Why are there so few out LGBTQ sports broadcasters?

With the LGBTQ community being represented in so many aspects of sports, the lack of out play-by-play voices is striking.

Australian sports announcer and Lord Mayor insults trans community

Perth Lord Mayor and football broadcaster Basil Zempilas expresses hacky transphobic views on his morning radio show.

From the studio to the streets: Seth Dunlap finds a new calling after controversy

The gay sports radio host fired one year ago in a dispute with his New Orleans station says that was a blessing in disguise, so he can cover anti-racism protests.

Seahawks reportedly suspend broadcaster Dori Monson for transphobic tweet

Two reports say Dori Monson has been suspended indefinitely from hosting Seahawks’ pregame and postgame radio shows because of his tweet mocking the transgender community.

What it’s like to be gay in sports talk radio

Alex Reimer connects with another gay sports talk guy, and they talk about their experiences in the high-pressure talk radio world.

Adam Rippon steals the show on NPR

The Olympic medalist is used to dazzling figure skating judges. But did you hear how he dazzled the panel on ‘Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!’?

Eric Dickerson uses an effeminate voice to call new Rams uniforms ‘soft’

‘Soft,’ "Ram it up,’ ‘Lambs" are among the terms Eric Dickerson used to criticize the Rams uniforms.

So now we know what Gronk’s penis is like. Thanks, Tom Brady

Tom Brady told Howard Stern Rob Gronkowski’s penis is "amazing." And? How low the former GOAT has sunk.

The Karleigh File: 13 things to know about me

Here’s the baker’s dozen on Outsports contributing writer and co-host of "The Trans Sporter Room," Karleigh Webb, as we share a little about the people behind the bylines.

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Out sports reporter makes her mark at University of Missouri radio station

Lauren Rosenberg is the first out LGBTQ sports reporter at the University of Missouri’s campus radio station, KCOU, and also a pioneer for women.

How can I watch or listen to the Super Bowl?

We’ve got the answers to the most asked questions of the day.

A chat with Alex Reimer, the gay sportswriter who’s now deputy managing editor at Outsports

Former sports talk radio personality Alex Reimer joined The Trans Sporter Room podcast co-hosts Dawn Ennis and Karleigh Webb for a conversation.

Outsports welcomes a new member to our team: Alex Reimer

Alex Reimer is a journalist, broadcaster, flag football fan and an out gay man. Starting today, he is also Outsports Deputy Managing Editor.

Fired gay radio host Seth Dunlap breaks his silence: ‘No longer am I afraid’

The out sports radio host tweeted for the first time since accusations surfaced in September, telling doubters ‘shame on you.’

Gay ex-radio host fires lawyer, speaks out amid new drama

Seth Dunlap denies tweeting an anti-gay slur directed at himself from his radio station’s account: "It is something I did not do, and I am over it."

New scholarship supports LGBTQ sports journalists in college

Steve Mason and NLGJA have established a new college scholarship for sports journalists.

ESPN host Will Cain slams everyone who attacks NFL Combine questions

Cain performs verbal gymnastics to defend NFL teams’ misguided analysis.

Mike Francesa hangs up on apparently gay caller

This one simple line from a WFAN caller did not sit well with Francesa.

Two outs: Gay Boston sportswriters launch new podcast

Steve Buckley and Alex Reimer are Two Outs.

Sports radio host launches homophobic tirade

These two New Zealand radio hosts took aim at just about everybody, including those 'homos' in Aussie Rules Football's tight pants.

ESPN Radio's Steve Mason is one of the gays

ESPN Radio host Steve Mason has kept his identity as a gay man from the public for years. Now he opens up in hopes of inspiring others to be true to themselves.

Chris Mosier's powerful chat on trans issues

Chris Mosier, founder of, shared his insights with youth via the radio program OutCasting.

College football games on anti-gay radio stations

Some fans say decision flies in face of school's diversity efforts.

Jason Page gets nightly NBC Sports Radio show

NBC Sports doesn't shy away from propping up openly gay sports radio host Jason Page, who has previous experience with ESPN and Sirius/XM.

Former Redskin Manley calls Troy Aikman 'a queer'

The former NFL defensive end made the homophobic comments to WTOP radio

Jared Max leaves ESPN Radio in New York

The openly gay sports radio broadcaster says he's headed to a new opportunity

Jared Max ratings through the roof, ESPN radio host No. 1 in key demos

The Michael Irvin Show moves to Miami


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