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Would Reggie White have become a champion of the gay community?

Former NFL star Reggie White offered a glimmer of hope for bridges between the LGBTQ and Christian communities before his death.

Kendall Fuller’s cleats supporting anti-gay Fellowship of Christian Athletes are raising money for the organization

Fuller’s FCA cleats are currently the 2nd-highest bid amongst Commanders cleats, all supporting an anti-LGBTQ cause.

Missing rainbow captain’s armband is post-match Premier League talking point

Rainbow Laces campaign has seen club skippers wear the armbands for seven years but Sheffield United’s Anel Ahmedhodzic used a standard one on Wednesday.

Kendall Fuller supports anti-LGBTQ group on team’s Pride Day

Kendall Fuller supports Fellowship of Christian Athletes with his My Cause My Cleats. He and the Washington Commanders have declined to comment.

Kirk Cousins’ appearance with anti-LGBTQ group spawns hate speech

Outsports’ story about Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins’ appearance with Focus On The Family triggered anti-LGBTQ hate messages.

Kirk Cousins supports Focus On The Family, one of America’s most anti-LGBTQ organizations

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings declined to comment on the quarterback’s appearance with one of the most anti-LGBTQ organizations in the United States.

As a gay man I support Dodgers Christian Faith Day, and my born-again aunt and uncle

Welcoming people to the ballpark doesn’t mean you agree on everything, whether it’s Pride Night or Christian Day.

Bill Donohue, Catholic League raise tens of thousands of dollars for drag nuns

Donations have flooded into the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence since Donohue and Marco Rubio attacked them and the Dodgers.

Why MLB caving to anti-gay bigots saddens but doesn’t surprise this lapsed Catholic fan

Seeing the Catholic League’s outrage machine shut down part of the Dodgers’ Pride celebration called up some painful memories of growing up in the church.

Catholic League and Sen. Marco Rubio launch holy war against Dodgers Pride Night and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters have ministered to AIDS patients in the 1980s and underserved groups since then. Catholics are apparently angry about this.

Tony Dungy, NFL analyst for NBC Sports, continues his Twitter assault on LGBT people

Dungy continues to question whether Jesus Christ - accepting of all people - would accept gay people.

Tony Dungy and James Brown withdraw from event hosted by anti-gay evangelist Andrew Wommack

Dungy and Brown had received questions after an Outsports report detailed their participation with the anti-gay preacher.

NBC owes an explanation as Tony Dungy says kids are confused into thinking they’re cats.

Dungy was hired by NBC Sports after advocating against same-sex marriage. This tweet went beyond any of his previous statements.

NFL broadcasters Tony Dungy and James Brown are featured speakers at outspoken anti-gay preacher’s event

The NBC and CBS analysts are annual speakers at an event held by rabidly anti-LGBT preacher Andrew Wommack.

Stanford marching band trolled BYU with same-sex wedding sketch at halftime

The Stanford band staged a same-sex wedding with Mormon scriptural language as BYU fans booed.

NFL player supports FCA with his cleats, says he had no idea the group is anti-gay

LA Rams linebacker Christian Rozeboom said he met his wife through Fellowship of Christian Athletes and wanted to give back.

Jaelene Daniels is back in soccer despite her anti-gay past. I’m reserving judgment. For now

Jaelene Daniels’ return to soccer, and her statement of ‘respect’ for LGBTQ teammates, tests our community’s grace.

The complicated problem with Trey Lance’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes cleats

The San Francisco QB’s experiences with the group helped him grow, yet FCA is an anti-gay organization.

Sacred Heart track coach comes out after competing in the closet for BYU

Wyatt Warnick came out publicly just days after being hired at Sacred Heart, a Catholic school.

Catholic high school corrects a 63-year-old homophobic wrong, honors gay track star

After a long and successful career in politics and comedy, Tom Ammiano finally receives a varsity track letter he earned with a 1958 victory.

This stream has:

The Outsports Awards for 2020

Outsports named nine honorees in 2020, adding two new categories to recognize greater diversity and an inspiring moment.

Outsports Asshole of the Year: World Rugby

This year’s dishonor for doing the most harm to LGBTQ sports goes to the governing body for the sport of international rugby, awarded in this case for banning transgender women athletes. The ADF takes second place.

‘I’m doing what Jesus would want:’ Christian school headmaster expelled gay athlete for his ‘lifestyle’

Covenant Christian Academy in Texas kicked out track athlete Devin Bryant, just days before starting his senior year, because he’s gay.

This week’s LGBT Sports winners and losers capital of the world

It was a lousy week for 2 guys who talk for a living and other big stories of the past 7 days.

Natalie Florescu played basketball for a Christian college until she couldn’t be queer there anymore

Now an EMT, Florescu had to leave Westmont College for her own mental health and happiness

Lesbian couple sues P.E. teacher for anti-LGBTQ discrimination

The couple’s son was allegedly forced to attend ‘Teens For Christ’ meetings and endure anti-LGBTQ ‘sermons’ in order to play for his middle school’s basketball team.

Attorney Gen. William Barr: Don’t treat transgender girls as girls

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a brief this week in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by three cisgender athletes in Connecticut, who say it’s unfair for them to compete against trans girls.

Margaret Court says ‘Blood of Jesus’ protects her church from coronavirus

Former tennis player and longtime homophobe ignores science in her statements about coronavirus.

Steve Young continues his support for LGBTQ students at BYU

The former 49ers quarterback continues his support for LGBTQ inclusion in the Mormon church.

BYU students protest letter clarifying that ‘same sex romantic behavior’ still banned

Brigham Young University tweeted a letter by a Mormon Elder clarifying changes to its honor code, triggering a protest by LGBTQ students and allies.

A contrite Billie Jean King tells Margaret Court: ‘Don’t judge us’ and ‘be kind’

Tennis legend Billie Jean King says she’s "going to stop, probably" calling for the renaming of the Margaret Court Arena, but wants to see Court be "more loving."

Out bisexual runner at BYU expresses ‘disappointment and confusion’ over Honor Code change

Bi athlete Emma Gee says "the removal of the ‘homosexual behavior’ provision has not made it easier to be out at BYU."