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rock climbing

After turning 20, queer mountain climber Aidan Hyman ascends to K2 base camp elevation

Despite running a fever and encountering altitude complications, Aidan Hyman’s K2 climb is an eye-opening success story.

Queer extreme athlete aims to inspire LGBTQ climbers by ascending to K2 base camp

Aidan Hyman is taking on the challenge of the world’s second tallest mountain.

NordicTrack will no longer ask this transphobic question

When Erin Parisi’s NordicTrack treadmill asked her "Which is your biological sex?" the out trans athlete turned to Athlete Ally and Outsports for help.

Non-binary rock climber Lor Sabourin reaches historic new summit

In conquering the East Coast Fist Bump pinnacle, Sabourin charts a new path for non-binary climbers.

LGBTQ rock climber Alex Johnson training to compete in Olympics

Alex Johnson came out to show a girl being bullied she was not alone. Now she’s come out of retirement to show the world she can be an Olympic athlete.

West Virginia town welcomes gay climbers from HomoClimbtastic with sexy video