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Sports inclusion in 2023 was a net loss for trans athletes

Governing bodies largely retreated in 2023, with signs that 2024 could be even worse.

LGBTQ inclusion in sports at all levels is in a slump

From locker rooms in the NHL, to sports boardrooms, to state and national legislatures, inclusion seems conditional at best, and unwanted at worst.

No one transitions to win in sports. Period.

Myth making, policy making and never the twain should meet.

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Nike’s new ad shows everyone is equal

The split screen effect shows viewers how much we all have in common.

Voids of summer: a summer return to sports looking less feasible

The postponement of Billy Dixon’s ‘Paris is Bumping,’ along with major sports leagues’ inability to forecast their return, puts plans of a summer coming out party on increasingly shaky ground.

Human rights court orders Russia to pay damages to sports equality group

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay Sochi Pride House and 2 other LGBTQ nonprofit groups rejected under its anti-gay "propaganda" law.

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LGBT athletes needed for oral history project

Study to examine role mental health plays for LGBT athletes.

Whoa, Canada!

Sports that rock, and ones that bore