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LGBTQ athletes launch TikTok campaign for Sports Equality

Sports Equality Foundation launched a TikTok account in partnership with Outsports to encourage LGBTQ athletes to be their true and authentic selves.

Gay swimmer, bisexual lacrosse player among NCAA athletes sharing their inclusion stories

NCAA My Story Matters campaign include LGBTQ athletes who are out on their teams.

Watch: Outsports community chat with out Olympic hopefuls

We talk with four out athletes aiming for the Summer Olympics.

Miss March Madness? Love Cats? Hate Cancer? We got you

Cats vs. Cancer, a nonprofit organization co-founded by an Eagles fan and a Heat fan, raises money for cancer charities by tapping into the internet fixation on cats.

Dodgers slugger Kiké Hernandez not afraid of some fun with ‘The Bend and Snap’

Kiké Hernandez is turning gender roles of athletes upside down as fans and the L.A. Dodgers applaud.

Gay pro strongman Rob Kearney and husband Joey Aleixo read your tweets

We asked one of the world’s strongest men and his newlywed husband for their reactions to your tweets

Team USA ice dancer comes out in tear-jerker video love letter

Karina Manta has followed love out of the closet and there’s no looking back.

James Blake discusses how pro tennis players can be more gay-inclusive

In new video, James Blake shares his thoughts on inclusion of gay athletes in professional tennis including the US Open.

Pride In Sports History: Three out active gay athletes before 1999

These three men came out in their pro sports leagues before the turn of the millennium.

Pride In Sports History: Trans pro athlete Renée Richards

Richards won the right to play her sport over 40 years ago.

Pride in Sports History: Legends Dave Kopay and Bill Tilden

Two great gay athletes broke barriers over 40 years ago.

This gay college soccer player is now free to be who he is

Ian Johnson is loved by the Montclair State soccer team, dance moves and all.

UCLA and Fayetteville State honored for LGBTQ-inclusion videos

Student-athletes created messages of inclusion in conjunction with LGBT SportSafe.

At least 10 men’s March Madness schools have appeared in LGBTQ inclusion videos

You Can Play videos have featured various D1 men’s March Madness schools.

Adam Rippon says his brand is ‘club trash,’ his wardrobe ‘slutty’

Rippon is always and forever his true self.

This gay American finds himself cheering for LGBTQ athletes first

Cheering first and foremost for Team USGAY.

Coming out before Sochi was important for Olympian Anastasia Bucsis

The speed skater will be in Peyongchang as a member of the media.

Gay football players come out in ‘Trump states’

Gay football players are coming out in Red States.

Former soccer star says ‘matter of time’ before gay Premier League player comes out

Neville Southall is patron of LGBT sports group Just A Ball Game?

Conor McGregor isn’t necessarily anti-gay, but his use of gay slurs certainly is

The use of the slur is based on years of cultural reinforcement.

Watch this gay male couple get engaged at Washington Nationals game

Ty and Tyler tie the knot.

Dodgers sold nearly 7,000 Pride Night tickets, featured 7 gay couples on Kiss Cam

Rainbow Dodger logos were everywhere.

Video: Gay swimmer comes out to his best friend

And gets an unexpected reaction.

I'm sorry for maligning closeted gay pro athletes

I do not believe that, just because a professional athlete doesn't come out publicly, he is a "coward."

Straight writer outs gay Grindr Olympians

Identifying gay athletes from homophobic countries at the Olympic Games in Rio, let alone places like Western Europe, isn't just a good idea.

Out gay Kansas State soccer coach Jessica Smith

Both the Univ. of Kansas and Kansas State have been blessed with the transformative power of soccer coach Jessica Smith coming out and being out as a gay coach. She is living proof of the power of courage.

Rogers: I'll wear glitter and a tiara in World Cup

Robbie Rogers gives a colorful answer when Chelsea Handler asks him about possibly playing in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Michael Sam was never going to be on 'Hard Knocks'

Whether the NFL and the St. Louis Rams made a pre-Draft deal or not, the team and Michael Sam were never going to be on 'Hard Knocks.'

Watch video gay athlete wrote before coming out

Brandon Davis' "Unconditional Love" speaks to where his mind was before he chose to live his truth. Warning: Graphic language.

Gay college baseball player talks jokes and dating

Ben Larison of Coe College looks back at his last two years, and talks about his hopes of landing a job in Major League Baseball.

Watch this gay couple on L.A. Kings Kiss Cam

Brad Parr and Andy Evans, two Los Angeles Kings fans, got their moment on the team's Kiss Cam last night.

Dear gay athlete, You are not alone.

Every gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans athlete has felt alone in sports early in life. But you're not alone. All you have to do is say hello.