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Turkey women’s national volleyball team going to Olympics and lifting LGBTQ community

Amid rising anti-LGBTQ hate in Turkey, the country’s women’s volleyball team — which has qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics — is a source of hope to activists fighting for equality.

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Gay volleyball player creates his own path from a rural upbringing to a college career

Growing up on a farm in Minnesota, Connor Syverson had a tumultuous coming out experience. Fortunately, one of his found families was on the volleyball court.

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Married with kids and blissful — out college volleyball coach describes her journey

‘I try to educate others in sexual identity and provide a safe space to all players on my court,’ Dani Aquino writes.

This out gay college volleyball star just won a championship with UCLA

Merrick McHenry is dominating on the court, and says he’s the happiest he’s ever been.

This gay college volleyball star has found love and happiness at Louisville

Aiko Jones thought she would never be able to come out. She’s glad to say she was wrong.

Alfred Reft is UCLA’s new head volleyball coach, and his gay life is coming full circle

Reft started his coming out journey playing volleyball in West Hollywood gyms. Now, he’s coming back home to coach.

Out gay volleyball coach Anders Nelson is leading Vanderbilt’s new varsity program

Nelson, who just celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary, is thriving on all fronts.

This gay college volleyball coach has turned NYU into a powerhouse

Andrew Brown is a star in the world of collegiate volleyball, and built his own community along the way.

This gay former national team volleyball player came out of retirement and won a championship

Chris Voth is back on the court and newly engaged. Not too shabby.

This gay former Canadian national team volleyball player just won a championship in Switzerland

Chris Voth has found his coaching home.

How trans athletes and allies are aiding Denmark’s drive for inclusion

This week’s edition of the Trans Sporter Room features a dynamic duo who are working on trans inclusion in Denmark.

Brazil volleyball team cuts player after his homophobic remarks about bi Superman

Mauricio Souza was upset that the new Superman is bi and kissed his boyfriend. His remarks got him fired.

Brazilian trans volleyball star Tifanny Abreu starts a new season on top with championship

The Outsports Triumph Award winner’s dominant run ended with a Paulista Championship for her new team

Taylor Edelmann applies pioneering past to help the future

When the NCAA opened competition to transgender student-athletes in 2011, Edelmann was among the first to play

Bi Pride Day salute to Olympic volleyball champ Haleigh Washington

Haleigh has already earned her gold medal. It’s time she was given her flowers too.

Chinese volleyball player comes out as gay, a rarity for Chinese athletes

Out athletes are very rare in China. ‘She’s my everything,’ the volleyball player wrote in a post on a popular website.

Team LGBTQ’s Monique Matthews helps US Sitting Volleyball clinch Paralympics gold

Team USA sitting volleyball proved to be champion allies when Matthews’ husband transitioned. Now they’re two- time Paralympic winners as well.

Olympic volleyball player gets abuse after posting photo with her girlfriend

Teammates rally around Olympic volleyballer Ebrar Karakurt after she is compelled to take down photo with her girlfriend.

Gay Brazilian volleyball star Douglas Souza does the samba, calls his teammates hotties and has 1.6 million Instagram followers

Douglas Souza is proud to be an openly gay athlete while having a blast on Instagram and on the court.

He came out as gay on his college volleyball team. He’s now its head coach.

Nathan Matthews heads back to Wittenberg University, where he thrived as an openly gay volleyball player.

Watch a conversation on inclusion in sports with trans, lesbian and straight athletes

The Sports Equality Foundation hosted a discussion of inclusion on TIkTok with trans athletes Mack Beggs, CeCé Telfer and Chris Mosier as well as lesbian former pro volleyball player Brooke Rundle and elite biathlete and straight ally Lucy Hochschartner.

Volleyball trailblazer Tiffany Abreu is our pro athlete Triumph Award winner

The Triumph Awards, in partnership with NCLR, honor pro volleyball pioneer Tifanny Abreu. The first transgender player in Brazil’s Superliga is a winner on the floor and a force for the community off of it.

Volleyball coach Jen Fry is bringing equality to the playing field

Fry’s experience as a volleyball player and coach fuel her drive for inclusion.

This gay Stanford volleyball player came out to his team, and then his sport got cut

Justin Lui says he’s cherishing the final weeks he’ll spend with his teammates, and is enraged at Stanford’s decision to cut the program.

Andre Arsenault sets the tone as a teacher and a coach

Arsenault says his coming out as a college volleyball player made him ready to help the next generation move forward.

Show you stand up to bullying by wearing purple for Spirit Day!

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

Stephanie Shostak makes the right calls as a ref and as an advocate

This trans volleyball official upholds the law on the court and wants to help make better laws for her community in Alberta.

A new sport, a new award, new owners and sports boycotters

The Huddle is your daily briefing on what’s new in LGBT sports news, the latest links and who’s in the social media spotlight.

Mizzou volleyball’s Dariana Hollingsworth comes out draped in LGBTQ Pride

The University of Missouri senior came out publicly as bisexual Thursday with a tweet.

Retired out volleyball coach James Finley hopeful for LGBTQ advancement in college sports

Finley retired in December after leading Seattle University’s women’s volleyball program for seven seasons, capping off a 21-year collegiate coaching career.

This gay college coach has found acceptance and success in conservative America

When Giovana Melo moved from Brazil to Nebraska to play volleyball, she embarked on a journey of sports and love.

Lisa Wainwright pushing sport to set the tone for inclusion

The head of the UK’s Sport and Recreation Alliance noted the period of no sports is a ripe time to discuss an inclusive future, in a recent interview with Sky Sports.