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USA Cycling trans participation survey is facing heavy criticism

Competitors feel the survey and questions are disrespectful towards transgender cyclists.

Liz Carmouche defends her title, stays undefeated with Bellator

Carmouche, with her signature pride rainbow mouthguard, goes to 6-0 with Bellator.

Outsports’ Karleigh Webb makes a happy return to the football field

A dream comes true on the gridiron for the sports journalist and athlete, and shows why inclusion matters.

Trans hoop hopeful Lexi Rodgers bounced by Basketball Australia

An official panel denies her bid to play in women’s NBL1 South

Biden Administration trans student-athlete proposal is flawed, but fixable

In making a Title IX overhaul, a past President’s example from 100 years ago may be the way forward.

The number of out coaches in women’s college basketball has exploded. Why?

How marriage, social media and a few trailbazers opened the door to a slew of coaches being out.

Three of the women’s Elite 8 teams — Iowa, Maryland and Miami — have publicly out coaches

Not so long ago, it was hard to find any out LGBT coaches in NCAA college basketball.

Katie Meier is out LGBT married coach of Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball

Meier will face off against Kim Mulkey, who reportedly told gay athletes to stay in the closet.

U.S. House committee debates federal ban on trans women in women’s sports

Legislators cross swords along party lines over trans women and girls in sports.

This gay college volleyball star has found love and happiness at Louisville

Aiko Jones thought she would never be able to come out. She’s glad to say she was wrong.

Trans powerlifter JayCee Cooper wins discrimination suit against USA Powerlifting

A Minnesota judge rules the governing body violated her civil rights by denying trans women a opportunity to compete.

Lesbian cricket legend Sarah Taylor and partner reveal pregnancy: ‘Love who you want as long as you’re happy’

Not long after announcing her retirement from playing, the former England cricketer is planning a family with her partner.

At least 44 states currently ask high school female athletes about their ‘menstrual period’

Female athletes encounter questions about their periods. Some states request genital inspections, for ‘males only.’

World Athletics proposes tighter regulation on transgender women, will not propose outright ban

Possible new rules would merge trans regulations with the ‘Caster Semenya Rule.’

NWSL permanently bans 4 coaches after investigation uncovered widespread abuse

The women’s pro soccer league, which has dozens of out players, is facing a full reckoning.

One of the most decorated gay athletes of all time passed away Christmas Eve

Kathy Whitworth won more single-tour professional golf tournaments than any other man or woman in history.

Olympian and Rugby World Cup player Elissa Alarie gets engaged to her girlfriend

Elissa Alarie, a Rugby World Cup silver medalist for Canada, has shared the news of her engagement on social media.

Trans cyclist Austin Killips takes 3rd in the snow at U.S. Cyclocross Nationals

Another trans athlete, Jenna Lingwood, finished 5th and also captured the 40-44 Masters championship.

Tell your coming out story on Outsports

You can change the lives of LGBT athletes simply by telling your story. If you're an LGBT athlete, coach or sports administrator, and you're ready to share, we'd love for you to tell your story on Outsports.

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger are using their platform to help others be their true selves

Krieger and Harris talk with Outsports about endorsement deals, raising a family and their journey to coming out.

Brittney Griner speaks to fans from her detention in Russian prison

On her 32nd birthday, Griner releases a statement to inform the #WeAreBG movement that their efforts are helping her cope.

Jaelene Daniels cut by the Courage after her continued anti-LGBT actions

Daniels proved LGBT fans’ fears right when she refused to play a match wearing a rainbow-colored jersey.

Nadia Podoroska comes out, dating fellow WTA player Guillermina Naya

The women’s tennis circuit officially adds another power couple in the off-court duo from Argentina.

A miracle Connecticut Sun comeback would help gay WNBA coach Curt Miller make history

Down two games to none, Miller still has an opportunity to become the first out gay male coach to win a pro sports championship.

Sue Bird defined the idea of an LGBTQ sports power couple with Megan Rapinoe

As Bird’s WNBA career wraps up, a lasting part of her legacy will be mainstreaming her relationship with Rapinoe in the public eye.

Trans rugger gearing up to challenge England’s Rugby Football Union ban

Trans researcher Joanna Harper says she would testify in case calling it ‘the right to do.’

Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger adopt their first son

The USWNT and Gotham FC stars added a newborn boy to their family with the birth of Ocean Maeve Krieger-Harris.

AAGBPL pitcher Maybelle Blair reflects on coming out publicly at age 95

In addition advising the ‘A League of Their Own’ TV series, Blair recounts how the AAGBPL was the first place many gay and lesbian players were able to meet others like them.

Briana Scurry was ‘The Only’ Black or out-lesbian athlete on the 1999 USWNT

In her new book and film, Scurry opens up about the struggles that nearly ended her life.

British Triathlon puts trans athletes in new ‘open’ competition category starting in 2023

Transgender and non-binary athletes will compete alongside cisgender men. Women’s division limited to athletes who are "the female sex at birth".

Baseball player who inspired ‘A League of Their Own’ publicly comes out at 95 

Maybelle Blair wants young gay athletes to know they "don’t have to hide."

Kristie Mewis on being ‘out’ at the Olympics, and those great photos with her girlfriend, Sam Kerr

Kristie Mewis talks about the importance of Title IX, being out and falling in love.


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