Olympics Opening Ceremony uniforms hits, misses

When I told a friend I was going to review the uniforms worn by countries at the Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony he said, "but you have no fashion sense." True, but I do have two eyes and...

Hawaii brings back Rainbow Warrior unis Saturday

After sitting on the shelves for a dozen years, the rainbow on the Hawaii uniforms is back

Cristiano Ronaldo models his new underwear

It does take a bit of an ego and a ton of self-confidence to appear in front of a 30-foot high photo in one's underwear, but when you are Cristiano Ronaldo and are rich, famous and have that body,...

New Miami Marlins uniform leaked...featuring a rainbow?

Apparently someone in Miami didn't learn the lesson of the Denver Nuggets. The latter featured one of the ugliest logos in sports for years, with a rainbow silhouette of the Denver skyline. Now...

Outsports gear

Longtime Outsports community member Munson Man asked me this week how he can order some Outsports gear, since so much of his had faded. Well here you have it: Our Outsports store. It's been around...

Poll: The worst sports uniforms ever

The website Uniwatch is been having a contest to pick the worst sports uniform ever. The competition is fierce but for true ugliness, it's hard to beat the baseball minor league's Tucson Toros from...

What does tennis smell like?

What does tennis smell like? Lacoste will soon be trying to define it as they release their new fragrance for men called Challenge. The campaign revolves around tennis, and the bottle is even...

Video: UCLA's undie run

Thanks to Adam Rose at the LA Times for this clip he did from UCLA's annual Undie Run, a way for students to blow off steam during finals week. A nice diversion for your weekend:

The hair of Chris 'Birdman' Andersen

It's a road less-traveled that the hair of Denver's Chris "Birdman" Andersen has taken, from shoulder-length to spikey to 4-inch mohawk. But if it wasn't for his hair, few people would be talking...

Recession watch: Men's underwear sales drop

This is not exactly sports related, but we do know our readers, and gay men in general, are very picky about their choice of underwear. It seems as if the recession is cutting into the amount of...


Seahawks going from bad to ugly

Note: Below is the result of a well-executed April Fool's joke. The XFL is not longer ahead of its time. More and more NFL teams are taking advantage of the league's rules on alternate uniforms to...

Anyone into the pride jock?

The jockstrap, one of the most iconic pieces of sports equipment, is possibly the most popular among gay men. I'm always amazed by how often I see guys wearing them in the gym as they're lifting...

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