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Head-scratcher at the Linc, part three

By special request… :razz:

The most mind-boggling thing isn’t how Andy Reid refuses to commit to the run. That’s an old, old story. Yesterday the running backs gained 5 yards per carry in the first half, but after 12 first-half rushes Brian Westbrook got the ball only 6 times rest of the way. Nor is it how the Eagles continue to pass the ball too much when holding a lead and theoretically trying to run down the clock, despite the presence of Westbrook, mediocre receivers, invisible tight ends and an erratic quarterback still trying to regain full capacity after a serious injury.

Nor is it how the Eagles can march down the field almost at will in the first half and come away with nothing but field goals. That’s happened all year with the exception of the Detroit game.

Nor is it how a defense that held up pretty well despite Chicago drives constantly starting in great field position -- refusing to kick a ball to Devin Hester, former Aussie Rules player Sav Rocca had three punts go out of bounds for 21, 21 and 27 yards before finally placing a 43-yarder out of bounds at the Bears’ 3 -- can allow the 28th-ranked offense in the NFL to drive 97 yards for the winning TD in the final two minutes without any timeouts.

It’s not even the bizarre, previously unheard-of rule that when the quarterback is under center and the ball is snapped through his legs without his touching it, the play is automatically blown dead and a false start penalty is assessed, instead of it being a fumble and free for anyone to recover, as the Eagles’ Sean Considine did yesterday before the whistles blew. I thought there were some weird rules in flag football during the Gay Superbowl earlier this month, but this takes the booby prize.

No, the most mind-boggling thing to me is this tale of two 2007 seasons: Temple Owls, three wins; Philadelphia Eagles, two wins. -- Joe Guckin