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Book signing in Philly

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cyd_signing1.jpgThis past Wednesday night, I visited the Barnes & Noble in Philadelphia for my second book signing for The Outsports Revolution. It was great to see three of our most revered members there: Scottie, Joe In Philly and Phillyrunner. It was also great to see Anh, a triathlete in Philly whom I had met at the Gay Games in Chicago. Scottie helped get the word out, and the turnout was great; about 30 people found their way through the puddles to the little nook on the third floor where we set up shop.

It last about an hour, all-told. I read from the book and talked a lot about the Rumor Mill and athletes coming out. One question from the audience asked what was the biggest surprise to me in seven years of running the Web site. My response: The negative emails we get from gay men complaining about pictures of attractive athletes; that is pretty shocking. -Cyd Zeigler jr.