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As the Reids turn...

When last we checked in on Eagles coach Andy Reid's two jailbirds, Garrett Reid was jailed after failing to show up for a mandatory drug test. Well, a week ago, Garrett was let out on bail again after a negative test. He got chastised by the judge, though, as his excuses were lame. To summarize: he couldn't get a ride, his mom had a friend coming into town, his sister had plans, by the time the court official told him to call a cab he was told by the cab company he had a 30-minute wait when he was already late, and the best one of all: when the DA established that mom was actually driving him to the test that day and they were 10 minutes away, when he asked to change the appointment with his probation officer. Why? "The urge to urinate isn't always there. That morning I didn't feel the urge." Drink any water, Garrett?

So it's not much of a surprise that his latest test came back positive for opiates. Bail has been revoked again, and he's back in jail.

At least this part of the soap opera will end Thursday when Garrett and his brother Britt will both be sentenced for their offenses. I wonder if Andy will be in court or even be a character witness? The Eagles do have practice Thursday. Hmmm... -- Joe Guckin