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An English disaster

111axed-main_392923a.jpgJim Allen does a great job in the post below, summing up what happened in soccer today in England. I always love the English press when their team suffers a major loss at a sports event (there is a great compilation here). The end-of-the-world headlines and braying for blood and heads make U.S. sports media coverage seem like a tea party in comparison.

"Horror show." "Useless, pathetic, insipid, spineless, desperate." "The darkest night in the recent history of English football; the multimillionaires of the national team suffered their greatest humiliation."

The loss was so shocking that Coach Steve McLaren is expected to be fired today -- the English don't mess around with such things. The loss leaves soccer-mad England without a team to root for in next year's biggest tournament. Even a stiff upper lip won't help. --Jim Buzinski