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The FedEx Crap?

It was supposed to be a must-see end-of-season month-long tournament that determined the annual world champion of golf. Instead, the FedEx Cup has become the butt of jokes and is over two days before the final round. Entering this final event, only five golfers had a technical chance to win the championship, only three of whom had a legitimate shot, two of whom skipped one of the four events. And after Tiger Woods' 63 on Friday at The Tour Championship, they might as well not play the final day. Tiger has a 3-shot lead in the tournament and a 7- and 9-shot lead over the only two guys who can contend with him for the playoff title.

Think about this. Barring a dramatic change in the leaderboard over the next two days, Woods could have missed two of the four FedEx Cup events and still won the championship. You can bet they'll try to put a stop to that next year. But here's the problem. These courses they're playing in this FedEx Cupcake are just that - cupcake. As long as Woods brings a wood, an iron and a putter to the course, there's no way he doesn't finish in the top 10 of any of these tournaments. So, no matter what they do, Tiger's still winning the thing by a mile.

I love watching Tiger in contention the final day. And I might - might - switch away from Colts-Titans for a minute to watch. Or maybe he should just take the day off. I'm sure he's tired and all. -Cyd Zeigler jr.