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Baseball fever: catch it...somehow

So you're all excited about the big showdown between the first- and second-place teams in the division, but you live out of your team's area...or, the game has Wild Card implications for your favorite team and you want to watch the game. What do you do?

No, this isn't a commercial for the MLB Extra Innings package. Even if it were, it wouldn't have helped yesterday if you wanted to watch the San Diego-Arizona game. The Padres and Diamondbacks are in a tight battle for the NL West title, as well as being involved in the National League wild card race. However, neither team could be bothered to televise the game for their hometown fans.

As far as I can recall, the only Phillies games not televised locally in recent years were rained-out games rescheduled for a time period where ESPN or Fox had exclusive rights. This wasn't the case with the Padres-D'backs yesterday, as there were no network baseball broadcasts yesterday. (In case you missed reading about it, San Diego won 10-2 and leads Arizona by one game in the NL West; Arizona leads Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles by three games in the Wild Card race.) -- Joe Guckin