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Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago turns 25

In a few days, this Chicago club will be celebrating their 25th year of fun, fitness and being in front at any speed. Ever since the late 70s, when the first Frontrunner clubs adopted the name of my novel, I've had the exciting opportunity to watch them making their mark in the sports world. "LGBT sports history" is no longer just the big names who come out. It's about lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people everywhere making their love of sports, and their participation in all kinds of sports, known at the grassroots and local level everywhere. From the GLBT Dallas and Houston tennis tournaments that do AIDS benefits every year, to the Gay Rugby World Cup, and a whole list of other sports that are too numerous to list here, we are fast developing our own sophisticated global sports network. So my warmest congratulations to the Chicago club, who have distinguished themselves in their home city for their civic spirit, and their support of world class events like the Chicago Marathon. Here's to another 25 years! -- Patricia Nell Warren