Jetta, left, and Charlie Morgan. | X

Out pro wrestlers and married partners Charlie Morgan and Jetta are preparing for a swansong to end all others in June.

The two women will wrestle their final match at Pro Wrestling EVE’s “Once More With Feeling” event on June 7, bringing two careers remarkable for their in-ring achievements and powerful moments of queer empowerment to a close on the stage most synonymous with them.

Morgan and Jetta will team with former Wrestle Friends partner Erin Angel against fellow out wrestler Charli Evans and MIllie McKenzie, together known as Medusa Complex, and current Pro Wrestling EVE champion Nina Samuels. The match was announced after Morgan’s loss in a brutal bout with close friend Alex Windsor last month in which the loser had to leave the promotion.

The match itself reads like a who’s who of the figures that helped build Pro Wrestling EVE into one of the highest-profile U.K.-based wrestling promotions. Every woman in the match counts reigns as Pro Wrestling EVE Tag Team champion amongst their accomplishments, while Morgan, Jetta and Samuels account for five of the 22 total Pro Wrestling EVE championship reigns in the company’s history.

The collection of titles grows even larger when looking at Morgan and Jetta’s success outside of Pro Wrestling EVE as well. The couple known together as The Royal Aces hold individual title reigns in Pro Wrestling East, Wrestle Carnival, DOA UK and Bellatrix among other promotions. They became the first married same-sex couple ever to win tag team gold when they won the Pro Wrestling EVE Tag Team Titles last year.

But what Morgan and Jetta represent holds more impact than their collection of gold. Morgan made waves in 2017 when she came out as gay during an in-ring confrontation with Samuels during a Pro Wrestling EVE event, garnering cheers from the audience as her in-character anger turned to tears of release.

“What? Do you think I’m scared to f—ing say it? You think I’m going to shy away from the fact that I’m gay,” Morgan said back in 2017. “I’m not f—ing shy to say who the f— I am and what I’m about.”

Both Morgan and Jetta became prominent figures within LGBTQ pro wrestling circles in the years since that moment. Their own journey of love helped build that, sharing portions of their relationship since 2018, including a beautiful engagement announcement in 2020 and heartfelt images from their wedding in August.

“When we realized we were quite serious, we let people know, and it kind of crept into social media and things like that,” Jetta said in a 2022 interview with PinkNews. “We got such a positive reaction from fans that we were kind of surprised. A lot of people will come up to us at shows and say it’s amazing to see both of us being represented and given a platform.“

The two have been at the forefront of the growth of LGBTQ representation within British pro wrestling alongside names like Priscilla, Visage and Mitchell Starr during that time. Now, as they prepare to exit the arena that brought them together, both Morgan and Jetta will have one final moment to show exactly why they are the inspirational force fans around the world know them to be.