It took 18 months, but Pro Wrestling EVE, one of the most celebrated women’s pro wrestling promotions in the world, finally returned from its pandemic hiatus Friday with its annual spectacle, Wrestle Queendom 4.

The event was packed with enough action to make up for the U.K.-based promotion’s long absence, but the truly poignant images that helped remind Pro Wrestling EVE fans of the company’s emotional power superseded any three count.

Out pro wrestlers Jetta and Charlie Morgan, British pro wrestling’s LGBTQ “it” couple, highlighted a night of shocks and tears. Jetta captured the Pro Wrestling EVE championship for the first time, winning a 30-woman Eve Rumble, which also featured the return of out former EVE mainstay Jayla Dark, to dethrone Rhia O’Reilly.

The win marked a major landmark in Jetta’s career with the company, which started at its debut show all the way back in 2010. In that time, the “Princess Diana of EVE” built herself into perhaps the most beloved member of the Pro Wrestling EVE roster, but the top prize continually eluded her.

New Pro Wrestling EVE champion Jetta

Morgan continued her storied history at Wrestle Queendom by making her surprise return to the ring for the first time in two years. Morgan captured the same championship her fiancée won Friday at the first Wrestle Queendom event in 2018. One year later, she retired from the ring at Wrestle Queendom 2 due to a devastating leg injury.

Morgan’s retirement speech at Wrestle Queendom 2 remains one of the most evocative moments in the company’s history, right alongside when she came out publicly in the ring in 2017. The rule of three was completed on Friday when Morgan revealed herself as the mystery opponent for fellow out wrestler Skye Smitson.

With a Pride flag in hand, Morgan burst back onto the scene like she hadn’t missed a day. She even stayed true to her “Fearless” moniker, hitting a massive dive off a ladder that showed the fall that ultimately put her out for two years wasn’t going to hold her back.

But the emotional apex of the show came afterward, when Jetta, flanked by a large portion of the EVE roster, came to the ring to celebrate Morgan’s return. After soaking in the moment and celebrating the company’s return, Morgan turned the focus to her champion fiance, celebrating her love’s accomplishment.

Morgan with Jetta on her shoulders

“It’s not about me. It’s about Jetta fucking Morgan,” Morgan said. “From the bottom of my heart, you paved the way for so many of these fucking girls. That belt you’re holding, you deserve it so fucking much.”

Morgan embraced a teary-eyed Jetta and hoisted her onto her shoulders as the show came to a close, making sure the lasting image of the evening was one that embodied their love for one another.

Jetta’s own words from earlier in the week summed up the night best: “Wrestling is magic.”