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The Curse of Dane Cook?

You may have seen the commercials promoting baseball's postseason telecasts featuring annoying comedian/film "actor" Dane Cook. You know, the ones where he finishes by screaming "There's only one postseason...there's only one October!" At first they featured great players and moments in playoff and World Series history. Then they tied that theme into a variety of today's stars. The next phase is focusing on specific teams.

The first one I saw was for the Milwaukee Brewers, a surprise team that wants to prove us wrong, or something like that. Of course, when I saw it the Brewers were in a collapse that saw them fall into third place in the NL Central, 2 1/2 games behind the Cubs.

Next up, this past week I saw one featuring the Seattle Mariners of the AL West. They're "creeping up on the Angels," Dane bellowed. Coming into play today the Mariners had lost 13 of 14 to fall 9 games behind those Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and 5 games behind the Yankees in the AL Wild Card race.

Earlier today, I saw yet another Dane Cook ad. This one featured the New York Mets. There may be hope for the Phillies in the NL East after all.

(To be fair, the Brewers have since rallied a bit and have now regained a one-game lead in their mediocre division, but let's not let some pesky facts get in the way of my desperation.) -- Joe Guckin