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Is it all Jessica's fault?

It’s a sad day in Dallas after the Cowboys’ latest playoff failure, a 21-17 loss to the visiting New York Giants. (That automatically makes it a very good day in Philadelphia.) It was so sad that Terrell Owens was driven to tears. Why? If you believe this column in Monday’s Philadelphia Daily News -- and if you believe Owens’ tears were sincere -- the blame for the loss hasn’t fallen upon coach Wade Phillips or the players themselves, but on Tony Romo’s brief vacation with girlfriend Jessica Simpson. The column cites, in part, fan comments on the Cowboys message boards such as the following (note: spelling and grammar left intact):

"Tono Romo is supposed to be preparing for the bigest football game of his life and Jessica Simpson convinces him to take her on a trip to Cobo Mexico . . . What a selfish B*tch.."

"There are women just as hot as Jessica without the diva bagage that he can date. If I were dating her and she demanded that we go on a trip when I'm preparing for a playoff game Id Dump her."

"This just in, Jessica Simpson has just anounced that Tony and her are finished. Her goal was to destroy Tony's chances of getting to the Super Bowl! Now that she has accomplished her goal she has accepted her next job of being Tom Brady's new [bleep]. Brett Favre has overed her double what she got paid to destroy Tony Romo's chances!!!!! More on this story as the playoff's continue . . "

The column mentions Wayne Gretzky’s being traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles, allegedly to help further his wife’s acting career, and various controversies in the careers of Eric Lindros and Donovan McNabb that were spawned by their mothers, as evidence that in sports, women always get the blame.

I’m not entirely convinced, though. For example, I think a bigger factor in the Gretzky trade was the $15-20 million payment to the cash-strapped Oilers that was part of the deal. As for McNabb, injuries have had more of an effect on his recent career than anything Wilma McNabb wrote on a blog.

The Romo-Simpson trip to Mexico was just a long weekend during a bye week. Players generally get a little time off during bye weeks. It hardly could’ve affected his game preparation or his performance on Sunday. Some fans say stupid things out of frustration sometimes. (Just listen to sports-talk radio here after a particularly galling Eagles’ loss.) I doubt many people seriously believe any of this “Yoko Romo” business. She didn't throw that interception at the end of the game.

In this modern age of mega-interest in celebrities, though, it makes for a fun topic for pundits, columnists and, of course, bloggers. (“Yoko Romo”…heh heh heh heh…I love that. Whoever first came up with it is a genius!) -- Joe Guckin